Why current soldier customization sucks and how it can be reworked

If I had to describe the soldier customization introduced with Stalingrad I would label it wasted potential.

It’s no secret that Enlisted doesn’t boast the most historically accurate uniforms on the market (and idk why) but the customizations is just wrong, sad and half-assed.

First of all, we all remember how in screenshots/alpha/beta lots the soldiers had all the webbing and gear?

Then, I would assume, most of this gear was removed because the devs thought “Hey, we can monetize that!” which resulted in most soldiers wearing the notorious ‘pajamas’ without any gear.
(One of the alternative reasons suggested was that the hanging gear would be difficult for old-gen consoles, but I can’t debunk or confirm this, especially given how we now have Stalingrad customization also on old-gen).

However, the system of adding gear by actually buying backpaks, grenade and ammo pouches sounded really nice and looked authentic - you equip an ammo pouch, your soldier gets both the cosmetic item and the increased ammo capacity.
Though even at that stage visual problems started to arise: ammo pouches don’t correspond to weapon types at all, pistol holsters don’t exist, shovels and axes are not displayed, secondary rifles hang in the air using magic.
But this system at least made sense and could have been improved upon.

The current system is weird:

On the left I have my Large Backpack bought in Logistics, but when I buy cosmetics, it somehow transforms into a sack?

Lots and lots of head models collide with headgear

Naturally, the more gear you have the more collision happens (secondary rifles also really need a sling)

Some customization choices are ridiculous

Now then, let’s imagine what an actually good soldier customization system would look like:

  1. ammo pouches should automatically correspond to the weapon type (e.g. stick mag pouches when you equip MP-40 and drum mag pouches for MP-717(r) regardless of cosmetic purchases);
  2. backpacks, grenade pouches, pistol holsters, shovels etc everything that is tied to items which can be bought in Logistics should appear automatically;
  3. purchasable cosmetics should include visual items which don’t correspond to gameplay gear and don’t disrupt the uniform color palette, examples:
    a) helmets, hats and goggles

    b) rolled sleeves

    c) period appropriate camo/cosmetic options (Dot-44 camo should NOT be available in Stalingrad, Budyenovka hats should NOT be standrad issue Soviet headgear in Stalingrad)

All in all, I understand that this essay will most likely fall on deaf ears, since the devs don’t seem to care about the overall quality before launching new stuff.
But a man can dream.


Man you just read my mind, I think absolutely the same. Fingers crossed they will do it. And let’s add more activity under post so they’ll hear us

Even if they’ll boldly copy costomisation from hell let loose it would be million times better than how it is now! Also faces should be reworked, now most of them don’t look like anything you’ll see in real life. Something must be done!

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In a way I’m glad that this first failure regarding the customization of the soldiers, only happened there in Stalingrad and not in the other campaigns, your idea is very good and I hope that the developers see it and take it into account, as soon as to monetization, the developers have already said that if they went overboard with the prices and also that the orders to change the appearance of the soldiers are scarce, I hope they change this system, for a better structured one, since most likely the Soldier customization in all campaigns arrives in the next BP season.

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I would merely label it wasted overpriced scam.


Quick addition: I really refuse to believe whoever designed this grenade pouch attachment thought “yep this looks good”

No need to reinvent the wheel.
Copy the customization from HLL, copy the bipod mechanics from BFV, copy the Invasion game mode rules from BF1 Operations - it’s all been tested and proven.


Its a shame that, even bfv with all of the historical inaccuracy have better customization system than enlisted

also want to mention that uniform colors variant should be a selectable option and not a seperate thing. it clutters the customization menu and tbh thats not a good thing

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Besides soldiers customization, vehicles customization is also completely busted right now.

TLDR: this should not be possible in a ‘WW2 game that tries to set itself in iconic battles’

  1. every tank should come with standard faction emblem (star/cross) and a random (!) turret number:
  2. if you want to add more decals, you should be able to unlock them either with gold or by completing a challenge (e.g. a decal of your choice for every X kills with tank) and place your decal on a pre-determined area on the tank (not random location with random zoom/rotation) or change their turret number:
  3. tanks should have preset seasonal skins by default (e.g. green for summer maps, white for winter maps), it doesn’t make sense to offer winter camo for Tunisia tanks; additional skin variations (like two-tone, splashes, stripes should be also obtainable either with gold or by completing tank related challenges:
  4. potentially additional sets of wheels/jerry cans/other items can be offered as further customization options

BUT not this

Speaking of this ‘Gneisenau’ decal, guess which WW2 tank it belongs to?

Correct, Leopard 1 :clown_face: