“The Flames of Stalingrad” event

Ready, to arms, soldiers! Today we’re announcing the launch of “The Flames of Stalingrad” event for our new Enlisted campaign! Complete event tasks and earn rewards to further customize your soldiers!

The event takes place from March 30th to April 4th, and you can complete the tasks in the Battle for Stalingrad campaign!

You can see the progress of your tasks in the “Achievements” tab.


A total of 44 soldier’s appearance orders can be earned for participating in the event. These orders can be used in any campaign in the game, but are currently the most useful in the new customization system active in the Battle for Stalingrad campaign, where you can purchase various uniforms and decorative pieces of equipment.

This number of orders is enough to completely transform any individual soldier of your choice!


To unlock the event rewards, there are several event tasks you must complete one by one:

  • Fight in 5 battles of the Stalingrad Campaign.
  • Kill 50 enemies in the Stalingrad campaign.
  • Finish a battle in the Stalingrad campaign by placing in the Top 30% of your team 3 times.
  • Win 3 times in the Stalingrad campaign.
  • Finish a Battle in the Stalingrad Campaign by placing first on your team 3 times.

And what of the Xbox series X/S that still doesn’t have working Stalingrad?

Working on it.

The game is once again available on Xbox Series X|S! But currently only the previous version of the game is available on the Xbox platform. We faced some technical issues while releasing the Battle of Stalingrad major update for Xbox Series X|S and are working hard to fix it. The update will be released within a few days.

Nice to have something at least.

But you guys should really consider lowering the prices and giving us the option to gain more appearance orders. I was afraid that we will have not enough of them even before the update when I though that cosmetics will be sold at 1 order per 1 item ratio.

But now, seeing that they are much more expensive I’m even more afraid. We get 20 orders from the BP season. That number is drastically low even for one campaign - and we are supposed to get customisation in the four older campaigns too.

Leave the gold payments, but lower them. People will buy stuff, but only if they find it worth it and reasonabl priced. Look how good is full access pack considered among the people who bought it in comparision to for example overpriced and underpreforming premium squads.


I meant do we get a time extension since everyone else gets to play & take part in this event, while we’re stuck waiting patiently for the fixes?

That said you guys have been good with the communication & telling us there was an issue to be fixed as soon as possible so appreciate that :slight_smile:

Event will be extended , of course.


How about releasing a fix first? The scoped Mosin in Stalingrad needs zeroing

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Why did you guys nerfed the mp40 fire rate on Stalingrad to the hell? It’s even less than real life, isn’t the recoil nerf you made enough? And at the same time the other weapons fire rate like ppd, ppsh or whatever aren’t changed. 0 logic

I suspect thats just the normal shot derivation. Even Bolt action rifles aren’t pinpoint accurate in Enlisted

Event is bugged, only the task for completing battles works, everything else isn’t getting recorded such as kills and victories and remain at zero

You need to complete tasks one by one.

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After trying some customizations and talking to lots of players. I have to admit that this game has (not only pretty expensive, most of customization is not exclusive or new) the weirdest customization system I have ever seen.

Most games let you unlock new free customization via progression (mostly, the account level, so here is campaign level). BP’s progression only to be a auxiliary unlock to some of customization. But you choose the BP’s progression to be the MAIN income of customization. Leveling up gives players NONE of new skins.

Also, like most games, buying customization stuffs. DO NOT apply across the soldiers. Even if they use the same model of uniform!
I bought this one and it only apply to this squad. And even if the tanker squad wears the same. But I can’t apply it there. And game dosent even tell us about the compatibility!
And most of games has meaningful description of uniforms. Here, we got none.
What’s the difference between these options? Arent webbings automatically applied to soldiers?
They even stuck together.
Name the selections!

Also, I can take this high price tag if you bring some MEANINGFUL uniforms.

Even small WW1 FPS game now has much more meaningful customization function than Enlisted!!!
But for Enlisted. We just get some used to be free random joint uniforms. That’s now selling at high price!

Most of them are just at different colors! And you sell them separately!
Even free high quality mods has more meaningful customization-- at least this has the realism rank/unit icon!


Also, even the soldier’s face is glitched.
In previous campaigns, the face of the soldier wont change across squads.

This event should take more days to complete it. There are people (like me) who work every weekend and don´t have enough time to complete the tasks.
Why should I continue to invest my money in a game that is randomly limiting the duration of the events? Why only five days?
All the events should last at least one week.

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This is the scoped Kar98 from the Stalingrad campaign, i took the shot from the same place i did with the Mosin and aimed at the center of the target like i also did with it’s russian counterpart.

So the event is locked behind a paywall as well, just thought I’d give the campaign a go in light of the event no progression recorded.

maybe a late reply. How many shot did u tested? U need more than 1 to see the moa

Well with the mosin i took 3 shots, but it wasn’t interested in grouping. All 3 shots were stacked, so the grouping was good. Also after a few shots the target is destroyed so no point in taking more shots at the same target. With the kar98 i only took one shot to see if it shoots where you aim, which was the main problem with the mosin because it didn’t. But the problem has been fixed so… yeah, it’s all good now.