Semi-automatic rifles that use pistol rounds are suggested to be classified as rifles, not submachine guns

I would like you to change the semi-automatic rifles that use pistol bullets added with this Battle Pass to the rifle category instead of submachine gun.
I’ve been using the Beretta M1918/30 since the update, but I don’t think it’s very attractive to buy compared to the Axis submachine guns across Tunisia. I think it is necessary to increase the attractiveness of weapons that can be purchased through gold cards.


Semiauto guns that use pistol rounds should be classified as pistols.

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It makes sense to make then an alternative to normal SA rifles.

Rifle cartridge SA rifles would have good damage and accuracy.
Pistol cartridge SA rifles would have good recoil and speed of use.

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VG1-5 also needs to be changed


Guess its a revenge for the VG 1-5.

If it is a rifle that fires pistol rounds, then it should count as a rifle, not a pistol.


I think its definition is closer to PDW.