Self-Propelled Artillery

We have a wide variety of vehicles; light-medium-heavy tanks, tank destroyers, anti-air, assault guns, armored vehicles, etc. One of the things I love about this game is its huge variety of vehicles.

How would you feel about self-propelled artillery being added to the family?

We already have the rocket artillery vehicles: Sherman Calliope, Panzerwerfer 42, and BM-8-24, and I’m sure eventually we’ll get the famous Katyusha and probably some others; and they are basically the same thing



Withaut know how aim with them and how they are effective aganaist tank and infantry is bit hard think if i like it or not

These should be added and the call in arty removed

Atleast you can counter this thing with planes, snipe crew out.

Arty is just cancer


They’d probably function just like the mortars

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Artilery means indirect fire, indirect fire means long range, long range means greyzone.

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In my personal opinion, I’ve never had a problem with the “grey zone”. Snipers, mortars, vehicles, and planes can deal with gray zone threats. They certainly could allow artillery to shoot there as well, perhaps making the cool down longer if you fire it into a gray zone.

Also, the “gray zone” is one team’s play area and vice versa. Theoretically they could expand the size of the overall play area for both teams, but still.

And I know people complain about gray zone vehicles but I feel like they are not looking at the context of the situation. Sometimes the situation is too dangerous for a vehicle so they stay behind, other times they tread right beside the team. It depends. When I’m a vehicle I don’t say to myself “Hehe I’m in the grazyzone n00bs, whatya gonna do about that teehee”; I just roll around as I see fit

Why would I use SPA with 4km of range on a ~500m long map? We may as well add ICBMs.


Have you played Tunisia? Greyzone tanks are impossible to destroy for low level players. You can’t reach them with detpacks, you don’t have engineers to build AT gun, AT rifles just scratch the paint, early planes don’t have bombs, you can’t call arty in the greyzone. Your only hope is a friendly tank that doesn’t get destroyed by the enemy one first.

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Nukes for Pacific campaign

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The same thing could be said about the rocket vehicles. At the end of the day its just a fun vehicle for the WW2 sandbox

I think a nuke is historical accurate


I’d prefer to add other fun vehicles that actually suit the gameplay. Like scout cars.

For those beasts we would need a new game mode. Or more like a new game.
Because at one point cool vehicles will start to hinder the gameplay instead of improving it. There is a reason why we don’t have a B-17 bombing bombing raid or a Schwerer Gustav bombardment that flatten 50% to 100% of the map.

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I’d like scout cars and half tracks too

I think self-propelled artillery wouldn’t be too ridiculous.

However I’d be lying if I said I couldn’t imagine adding the B-17s and Schwerer Gustav into the game. Unironically

You can just literally hope that no douchebag is occupying the plane spot who just ignores tanks in order to bomb some infantry

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Not… really fitting as add-ons in the battle directly. At least for now, with such small maps.
They could be the ones responsible for off-map artillery/smoke support, and thus give planes another target to have fun with.

But what’s the point of having self-propelled artillery if it doesn’t propell. Some people say the maps are too small for spa, but at the same time the rocket artillery vehicles we have in game are literally operating right at the front line, when they wouldn’t be in real life during the war.

And i see how many people use them, 3 days only 3 days and they disappeared

True they are relatively rare. But I had a Calliope on my team two days ago, and I think the day before the I encountered the Panzerwerer 42 in a couple of matches