Rewards, battle tasks, changes in progress and logistics for squads and soldiers

Oh shit yeah

Tell them to add the BP stuff to a store later on for purchase later. Being unable to do it and missing out is awful plus it allows you guys to get more income later on from people who just want to buy the few things they wanted in the BP.


tbh for what you get out of it the WT battlepass is p low value
›Mostly consumable xp boosts that have an expiration date
›3-4 unique vehicles
I like the Roman decals and props in the current one but too bad you’re forced to play Tier 3 naval for several of the challenges.


Thank you for taking feedback and moving it on for the developers keofox! Just pls keep the battle tasks as things you can do normally by just playing, and you don’t need to try to do them.

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I hope that rework of some current perk will come with that. With different equipment options you could let go of vitality perk, ammo perk and other perks that couldn’t be really trained.

Other than that I see a lot of changes that I like, few I don’t want to give my opinion about until I see how they work… Overall this devblog looks nice, but there are still few aspects, that community would really want to hear about, like premium squads being complete P2W. How will they work, especially when squad composition is going to be changed for more realistic and balanced one. We will really appriciate some statement from the devs and field to disscuss that matter, because feedback on this topics seems to be ignored with more premium squads coming.


if you put everything together in warthunder battle pass the value is alot bigger imagine get 3 premium vehicle in warbound shop plus 4 vehicle in BP plus decal plus booster and thats not enough for 16.5 USD and i have done it oready even though i been lazy in battle pass i got 3 premium vehicle from warbound thanks to the battle pass

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This is a step in the right direction and I can seriously say I am surprised! Well done Devs!
I think this will be a fantastic addition to Enlisted!

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Yeah I get you. For War Thunder it’s pretty alright.

I’m just used to the Modern Warfare and Cold War battle passes where you get a shitload of unique blueprints, charms, stickers, and the like. With the minimum of the tiers being consumables

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well thats not reason i play warthunder i play for 1.0 to 7.7 and most of stuff from warbound shop and BP been good for majority of players in the end majority matters more i been playing this game for over 6 years and i am exicted and happy for enlisted

Yep I feel you
I’ve been playing since 2013 myself and am excited for Enlisted to come into its own as well.
You should try 8.0-8.7 it’s honestly way more fun than 7.7 btw. I guess that depends on the nation you’re playing though. 8.X for the US, GER, and USSR is p good. I can’t speak for the others. Luv me M60A1 RISE and Starship

i cant handle modern MBT lol its just not my thing plus i do love like 5.7 BR or 6.7 br for all nations

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This game is going the WT way.
And learned quite a lot about WT’s P2W system.
I never purchased anything in WT during my 10h of figuring out how WT works. Due to their complex P2W system and very incomplete gaming experience if you dont want pay a lot.
Now Enlisted is pretty the Infantry Thunder. The worst possible situation in my prediction.
And even worse, they only CARES about WT’s players, and make other non WT players from other real FPS games feels sick.


Top tier sucks

8.X is a nice stop between WW2 and modern MBTs, least for me

What are you going on about? Yes, this may be using the WT Battle Pass system, but other than the stupid tasks this time round, it is pretty decent and whilst there is some pay to win, there is absolutely no need to do so.

Kinda funny this comes out as soon as @5762269 starts a thread about this. overall I’m pretty interested in this


This is the only way I could see myself wanting to play the game any longer. Make it unlockable afterwards, put it behind challenges or whatever.

Don’t abuse FOMO.


xxx pass means you have to spend money on every certain time periods. Though this money at a single time is not too much, but when accumulate to a longer time period, like 1 year, this game will gonna takes tons of money away from you.
10USD for a month is not much for me, but 120USD a year is very expensive.
Also why not think in the way who do not play and do not understand WT’s P2W system?
There’s tons of players do not play WT but want to play a good WW2 FPS.

So you have decided not to actually reduce any of the randomness in your progression system, unlike you promised. Got it. Please do not go for this “bandaid” solution to fix the core flaw that is randomness for progression.

At this point I want to bet that the “more coins” than the BP price is <5% of the BP cost, but hearing that we can earn the BP cost itself back is a big ++

Then these tasks have to take less than 30 minutes to complete each. Aka, 1 match. Otherwise the time investment is going to be too high for the majority of players to be able to invest in the BP, which will ultimately lead to a reduction in revenue. Please also consider going for only 2 tasks a day, similar to War Thunder.

Giving more orders in no way, shape or form gives more transparency. It only gives you more chances to pull on the slot machine handle. Can’t put this one in any other way.

So you are removing grenades and medkits from the normal loot tables, effectively reducing the possible rewards from them? As you can currently get both a grenade and a gun from a weapons crate. The amount of grenades and medkits obtained through this have to be high enough to make up for this. If it does, it’s a big ++, otherwise it will be a big --.

Please have them based on individual performance, instead of stuff like “get assists”. I do not want to have to shoot someone’s feet on purpose because oh boy if I kill him I don’t get the assist I need

Sounds good so far

The versatility HAS to make up for the reduction in firepower for it to be useful.

Ok preliminary feedback on these:

  • Trooper squad should be the largest squad, and have the most versatility, to make up for the low base combat power and utility value of the Trooper.
  • Sniper squad is now useless, as you are already halving the amount of snipers, on top of cutting the flexibility from the specialist slot in 3. Too small.
  • Assault seems to once again be the strongest squad
  • Engineers being a big squad is nice, but makes Trooper squad entirely obsolete.
  • Radioman is useless if any other squad offers a radioman in the specialist slot. Also, it’s a tiny squad.
  • At seems too small and too vulnerable to losing the 2 AT guys when attacking a tank.
  • MG squad nerfed like this seems ok.
  • Mortar squad nerfed like this seems ok, but no engineer in any of the specialist slots, please.
  • Flamethrower is still useless, gun needs a buff before you change anything.

Does Germany and America also get these?

I hope these are heavy enough to noticeably slow the soldier down compared to not using any at all.


I can’t make this sentence any smaller due to how important this is.

Sorry for being extremely strict here but these changes are absolutely massive and I think they will require a lot of tweaking to get right.


I do not understand your statement about games that make you play. And I think it’s not about my knowledge of English.

The game can motivate play by rewarding the player to enter the game, the first fight of the day, and in a variety of other subtle ways.

The game cannot force play.

If you like Enlisted - its campaigns, mechanics, weapons, vehicles, atmosphere, then you will play it because it is a good game, even if it has mechanics that reward players.


You know the cost of constant development, let alone server upkeep right? Money is required for an online game and as we have seen, the 50 bucks for a paid game is not enough after a few years.

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Instead of relying on the deep pockets of a handful of individuals, a game should focus on drawing in enough players so that cost can be distributed among more people, reducing the need of predatory level of microtransactions like in Enlisted.