New Locations and Missions

Developer doesn’t listen to People here that much.
More than half of what has been posted in this Thread so far is complete Bullshit

Make bigger battles
Makes Custom Matches with Passwords

Removes Conquest entirely, or makes it Selectable.
Nobody needs that 7 Minutes of Scheisse

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That is your opinion, but it’s not supported by any objective facts.

I love conquest battles.

You aren’t the center of the universe and people like the game for all sorts of reason.


GO PLAY BATTLEFIELD :face_vomiting:

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Uncle Owen, this r2 unit has a bad motivator


Fantastic! nice to see new maps in existing campgains.

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I rang saddam once fucker hung up on me. How rude.

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Love the new maps, would love more for Normandy and Berlin too, but good job and thanks for updates :+1:

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The new locations looks very cool and Moscow and Tunesia are my favourite campagnes. Big “Thank You” to the great map creators of Darkflow!

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I really like the concept of tunnels serving as possible flanking points.
The idea itself wasn´t explored well enough in Normandy, but I´m kind of hopeful about how it will turn out in Tunisia.
As for the new map of Moscow, I suspect it was heavily influenced by the development of Stalingrad (comparing available campaign screenshots and this new map), and if compared to the rest of the maps, almost looks kind of out of place. One could argue, that it might serve as a gimmick of some sort to people who are not interested in Stalingrad itself.
But it is a healthy dose of map variety, so I´m all for it. Good job.

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Have you forgotten about Normandy? :thinking:


Still no
proper Seelow Heights
flooded Subways
Inside the Reichstag
Tempelhof Airport
Berlin Zoo

Berlin map

The vilages looks cool tho


This looks dope maybe add escort to other campaigns as well? A Normandy train escort would be epic


Real campaigns comes first.


How about some night time missions? You can have a full moon to have some light on the maps. Also more variety in time of day/ weather forecast would be awesome (fog, overcast, heavy rain, snow etc). Most of the time the maps in Berlin and Normandy are sunny and i think players would love to play them on a rainy cloudy day.


i really love the new asthetics and the new props for the maps

i must admit that maps rarely disappoint me in this game :slight_smile:

keep up the good work.

( on a second though, the more i look at it, the more i see Star wars with the tunisia one though :joy: nothing bad of course. )

but i have a small question, who are the people that make those maps? like, the leader map designer.
is there someone who we can ask for?

not really to bother him, but i’m genually curious about inspirations, and how he makes those maps :slight_smile:


Please let there be a star wars easter eggs or any kind of reference


I vote glass of blue milk.


I would like to see, hopefully one day, a community map design tho.

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I’ve been to Tunisia. Its looking quite accurate.
That forced Labour camp will be fine too by the looks of it.

May the force be with you.

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