Making the Enlisted picture more real

Commanders, we’re about to see a new update to Enlisted. More than two hundred changes await you, including improvements to AI soldiers and better weapon balancing, as well as a new mechanic that allows flora to interact with the wind and even take its strength into account.

With the release of the update this mechanic will work in the Pacific war campaign. Eventually we plan to add it to other campaigns as well.

By the way, we did not overlay the birds’ singing with editing — actually you can hear them at the very beginning of the battle, until the sound of war cannonade drowns out their trill.


Nice and all that, but I prefer better look over sound and moving tress.
Faces and uniforms cough cough.


Can we hunt ducks?



‘‘improvements to AI soldiers’’

Now how many times I’ve heard this lol

‘‘More than two hundred changes’’

Ok, so how many bugs are coming with these ‘‘hundred changes’’? Old ones included.


I didnt even consider this.
For me its a formal thing such as greetings.

Dispersion and on-screen-position?
Or idiotic dmg changes?

nice one! the trees move a bit artificially but thats ok for the start. the grass moving and the bird sounds are amazing for the atmosphere. the birds also should be there during the game when no shooting is nearby for better immersion.


According to bronie helper, better MG bipods will come… for the I-lost-count time now. Oh boi.
Edit: Dispersion change.



According to james, they’ll do something with dispersion.



Wow. Only after two years Df found out that their dispersion meta stolen from HnG sucks.
Better late than never I suppose.



Maybe if you attacked the devs like you did me they would´ve realised it sooner. Or fuck maybe they did it solely because people like you did.

Finally, avatar can be awoken

Now when is 5th element coming out?


I keep forgetting that I was the only one who reminded them.

Great idea. Lets piss of our entire customerbase because some people are mean to us.


You take it for granted that they listen to us, I don´t. It could be far worse and the game technically isn´t out yet too. We all here play the game dspite it´s flaws after all.

So your post makes even less sense.

Since entire concept needs to be changed it couldnt be really much worse at this point.
And this what if x is worse is waste of time.

Technically you also shouldnt charge AAA prices for “non-released” squads if base game isnt finished and not selling lower priced SG access a few weeks before you announce that there will be no SG. Nor making wrong advertisment for years.

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This is why I don’t trust anything till I see it.


I have no clue how you come to this conclusion (as usual).

I was more thinking of H&G where the devs not just not listen to their community but actively make the game worse and milk their playerbase to no end.

Wow we agree on something for once, colour me suprised.