Making Enlisted a Better Place №34

Each update of “Making Enlisted a Better Place” focuses on a certain aspect of the game or a particular mechanic in which we’ve fixed bugs or have added interesting features.


Unlocked another upgrade on your favorite weapon? Well, that’s great! But that means you’ll have to upgrade each item individually, right? Not anymore!

We improved the upgrade system in a recent update, and now we decided to remind you of this important and cool thing. Now you can upgrade multiple copies of desired weapons at once — as many as you need.


It’s time to organize your storehouse, soldiers! We’ve expanded the range of items that can be sold. Mines, grenades, special weapons — nothing’s left out!

Except for one thing. Basic rifles still can’t be sold, only recycled for no charge.


Stationary anti-aircraft guns have long been an important weapon against aircraft, but the mechanics of quickly overheating barrels have remained with them since the rework that reduced their effectiveness against infantry.

We have reduced the overheating rate of the stationary anti-aircraft guns’ barrels. As well as the turret mounted machine guns’ and the coaxial machine guns’ too. (we did not forget about them either). It will be a little easier to shoot down careless pilots.


  • Changed belt feeding for Hispano 20mm guns — the number of tracer rounds has been reduced. The belt has become more effective.
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to sell the Sturmpistole and GRB-39.
  • Fixed the respawn point in a locked room on the Reich Chancellery map from which it was impossible to get out.


Lots of exciting game mechanics have been realized or improved thanks to your ideas. We are watching our communities, other Enlisted sites and regularly check the forum for your feedback and reports.

So share, suggest, and report!


Ok but what about news for the Mod editor?


About time German tank mgs fire more than 3 seconds.

Jesus… About time indeed.

Thank you.


reintroduce so we can see the rank of players in battles instead of that completely useless info about what class their squad currently is. We all know you did that to hide player/bot telltale. Doesn’t matter it’s so irritating, what squad the player currently using is pointless, completely. The rank show ah ok watch out for this guy, and would tell you how probable you were to encounter stiff resistance and play thereafter. if you saw enemy team was low on high rank, you could more leisurely play, but if you saw half enemy team were top rank, you would step ity up and be on lookout. You need to revert it back. thank you

How were you playing before these unnecessary ranks were introduced in the first place?


Nice, very useful.
It already worked yesterday.

We just decided to remind you about that feature с:


There’s no point in selling or upgrading your gear until you introduce the new progression system.

Something is left out: the vehicles!
I have many tanks and airplanes and motorcycles that I will never use.
Would like to sell.

Also noticed I can move event weapons like the 30 cal Thompson and Warmod to other campaigns. Thank you


You can’t sell vehicles because, unlike weapons, there’s no way to buy them back.

Genius! how you rebuy your veichle if you sell him? That is the motive you can downgrade them instead

A lot of the veterans of this game will have an abundant amount of things after the upcoming merge.

This new feature is by no means very good.

But dude, they could have been somewhat more generous.



I would like to see them being more different beyond cooldown. It cant be normal that they all have same reload time., including mag feed mgs such as the DT or the Italian MGs.


I will never rebuy them because I never use them now while I own them, genius!

You not the rest of us and again

So ask for veichle selling is not necessary expecially because veichle are like your starting rifle in your soldier, unremovable

Buffing stationary AA? Lmao, I mean they were already buffed some time ago and they are so easy to get kills with and now it will be even easier. I really dont see why they are a straight counter to planes, even more effective than actual planes.

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I bet 99% of all players own some vehicles they will never use.
And therefor will not rebuy them after selling.
Oh well I guess I will just keep all those useless vehicles for nothing then.

O my god… you dont even use their squad, so you dont even see them

You may call me warhead.