Making Enlisted a Better Place №23

Maybe devs should take some time to consider these two issues :1. infinite man power of defenders are leading to several serious issues 2. AI sometimes shoots from very weird direction and distance, e.g. 100m through bushes.


But I don’t need to look around.
Let’s say I want to do a straight loop in the air by pitching up - my camera will constantly try to look at my feet so I’ll have to keep pulling the mouse up. I don’t need that.
I want to just press Space and make a loop while always looking in the aiming reticle of my cockpit.

Or imagine that when I am making a loop but with a 45 degree turn - my camera goes insane and I constantly need to keep yanking the mouse to stay centered, while I only want to look in the center.

I tried disabling mouse controls for flying and then the camera stays put but I still do need the incrimental adjustments with mouse when aiming.

Honestly for me the Battlefield controls have been perfect for decades and WT/Enlisted controls are bad.

@1942786 please add an option to keep the view centered unless I start moving the mouse.

Is the new campaign tested in advance?

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any release date for steam? Would love to play it on Steam deck without hassle of going to desktop mode and do some stuff there. I know some games from outside steam can work that way however it’s pain in lower back to do so. Wish Enlisted ended up on Steam leading to MASSIVE player influx


This likely isn’t a bug, it’s supposed to be the effect of torque, but since it’s normally compensated by mouse controls, you only notice it when keyboard inputs override the mouse.

Yup. But for me it’s a bug since is: in some planes there is this torque problem and in some planes there isn’t.

Let me guess:

P-51, Bf-109, FW-190, Yak, La, Spits, MC202?

The left turning tendencies on this game is unrealistic. It causes your plane to roll to the left which is wrong. It’s extremely noticeable on FW.

MC202 for sure:

I should check P38. If there is a left roll with it it’s clearly a bug. Not a feature since those are twin engine with reversed rotation.



We have a barrel of sheets in our office. A week before the big update, we shake it and take out one. It says the name of the new game campaign.


That overheating thing definately explains a lot of my deaths in planes. Like I knew that something was damaged in my plane and over time my plane fell apart basically, but never realised there were working temperature monitors inside the cockpit!


Like engineers in old premium squads? Nice!!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Joke aside, nice QoL patch.

Can you add “Teriyaki Chicken” as a note in the barrel? I think that would be a fantastic campaign name.

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Also affects PC players (you’re console IIRC, Widow)

This should not have happened…unless people are working with different versions of source code.

Boo, hiss. Please fix!

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The upcoming update is not about the new campaign but about other things, right?

That sounds about right

How DF decides what to fix and do next


It makes so much sens now



I just tried to see the new engine temp indicator in both practice range and an actual match on PS5 and it doesn’t work for me. I was using both the P-47D-28 and A-20G-25 at full 110% throttle to cause an overheat and I could see the engines starting to fail but no indicator showing temperature as described in this update.

Thought it might be worth posting that here


So, basically what your saying is you operate exactly how every other company in the world operates.

Seems legit.

Thanks for the updates.

BF plane controls are outdated dogshit.