Making Enlisted a Better Place №22

Each update of “Making Enlisted a Better Place” focuses on a certain aspect of the game or a particular mechanic in which we’ve fixed bugs or have added interesting features.

The improvements are mostly or even completely based on the feedback you have left in the special topics and discussions on our forums and social media platforms.


Sooner or later each of you commanders gets to a point of choosing your soldiers’ abilities. To make this process even more interesting as well as encouraging it in battles more often, we changed the balance of the existing abilities, added new cool ones, and made a few more tweaks to the mechanics.

Allow your unique abilities to tip the scales of victory in the right direction with a greater frequency.


From now on, the “Speed” parameter is called “mobility,” a term we’ll use as we continue our introduction to the changes.


  • +20% tank gun reload speed (loader perk) — extremely useful bonus for tank guns of any caliber for 16 points of weapon handling.
  • -100% speed loss after gear shift (mechanic-driver perk) — even a fully improved tank can gain speed faster if the mechanic-driver skillfully operates the gearbox for 3 mobility points.
  • -60% damage from hard landing with an open parachute (pilot) — the parachutist does not always have time to slow down and this ability will help survive a harder landing. For 6 mobility points.

Don’t forget that a tanker’s ability will only work if they are in his proper place in the tank, for example, a tanker with the loader’s ability in the loader’s place, not the commander’s.

  • +100% soldier self extinguishing speed — even an open flame that flies over you won’t be so scary for 1 mobility point.
  • +25% flamethrower fuel cylinder capacity — a significant bonus to the ammunition of one of Enlisted deadliest weapons for 9 weapon handling points. For flametroopers only.
  • +20% mortar ammunition — a few more powerful blasts where the enemy is not expecting them for 7 weapon handling points. For mortarmen only.

We also removed some infantry abilities that are of little use to tankers. At the same time, if you already had installed the removed abilities, they will remain with the soldier, until you decide to get rid of them anyway.


We “boosted” some of the abilities you may already know. If the soldier has them installed, the bonus will be applied automatically.

  • “-50% effect of head-shaking caused by nearby explosions” now also reduces the duration of concussion by 25%.
  • “+100% health regeneration out of combat” now not only allows you to fix HP in cover, but also speeds up the process itself by 50%.
  • “+20% speed of vehicle repair” — bonus raised to 30%.
  • “+20% speed of extinguishing the vehicle” — bonus raised to 30%.
  • The interface has a hint if a soldier has an ability that increases the range of the grenade throwing.

Some of the abilities are now cheaper:

  • “+20% weapon aim speed” — cost reduced from 12 to 10.
  • “+40% engineer resources available for buildings” — cost reduced from 9 to 8.


We have improved the description of many abilities to make it easier to understand their bonus and we will continue to work on improving these mechanics further.


Lots of exciting game mechanics have been realized or improved thanks to your ideas. We are watching our communities, other Enlisted sites and regularly check the forum for your feedback and reports.

So share, suggest, and report!


How about faster cooldown time for mgs-perk so we can use the MG34 again?


Can you please remove, or nerf the +%35 vitality perk


Would it be possible to let engineers from premium and event squads to get access to engineer-specific perks like ‘+50% building speed’, they have only the generic perk available to them?

Just get vitality for your troops :face_with_monocle:

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The best making enlisted a better place that ppl can ever expect.

+20% tank gun reload speed (loader perk)
is it a new ability or replace the old one?
And why all old perks just disappear from the interface but still could be rolled?

Another question: when would they be introduced? If the answer is never please just remove them from the interface


This one might be overkill. Maybe tone down to +10-15%?

Remember that this doesn’t just affect tank vs tank combat but also the rain of HE it can pour on infantry.


Nope, my panzer must shoot as fast as it can


Nobodys ask for that new Stuff, i guess, thank you?
That Reload Speed Perk makes Game more unhistorical

Old Premium Squads needs Pioneers

Pouches Pistols Mortars Flamethrower should be Sale able

Thank You


Well, perks:

  1. Perks should not be straight up upgrades, but sidegrades/compromises.
    You can’t just have 35 more HP than your opponent just because you’ve been playing for longer than them.
    It should be e.g. more HP but less speed, more speed but less HP.
    Same as reduced vertical/horizontal recoil: why should it be easier for me to win a firefight against a new payer without any drawbacks?

  2. Weapon upgrades also shouldn’t magically make a 2 HK weapon a 1 HK, reduce recoil and dispersion, that’s just too cheesy and arcadey.

  3. How will the reloading perk apply to tanks without a loader? E.g. T-34/75?


But why it need drawback, it makes no sense. More hp means you are stronger, in general, you will run faster than ordinary person.

Veteran soldier surely can easily control their gun than some rookie.

Then what upgrade option left? This is not modern warfare where you can add grenade launcher or red dot sight.

Tradeoffs: more hp but less speed, less spread but less bullet damage, more agility but less lethality.
I’m all about compromises in gameplay rather than building whale supersoldiers.
Coming from BF1/BFV system of perks and upgrades.

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@1942786 a collection of user request :smiley:

  • upgrade AI
  • better squad comand interaction
  • better bipod (is to hard use them because is hard fix them)
  • fix tank and AT ground interaction (they stuck on everything)
  • rework plane battle as in war thunder
  • mortar rework for make them useful (for example add smoke round)
  • add gas mask and anti-flame uniform to flamethrowers
  • update mod editor tools
  • reworked costumization (5€ for a soldier is to much even for gaijin)
  • reduce dispersion on all weapons
  • fix old bug like p38 occupy 2 slot or g41 like reload bug
  • add better reload animation for pan-megazine
  • fix A61919 belt
  • functional tank cupola
  • change bad mp43,avt40,fg42-2 tactical reload
  • movement rework
  • new player matchmaking system
  • better tutorial
  • rework practice field currently is to bad for try weapons and veichle
  • BA buff and TNT in all campaigns
  • rework old premium squad like the new one
  • add join friend battle in friend option
  • let player test gold weapon
  • better uniform for soldier and return squad insigna
  • rise a little semi-auto,carabine ROF
  • more chats (global and group chats).
  • ui update
  • event interface should be updated
  • Allow sell/buy many things in one time

But you won’t introduce a crew managment so we can be sure that loader is on loader position, will you.


they already have uniform flamethrowers

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They dont have the skin of the uniform they keep use pijama

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maybe works on some weapon or vehicle, but unrealistic for human.

Unfortunately, this what most f2p game all about.

Wait a sec.
I can understand that the mortar guy can stuff a mortar round into his boot to have more ammo but how the hell flamethrower capacity works? The soldier fills his flask with fuel instead of water?


Its just works


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