Making Enlisted a Better Place №16

Most of the time those people were newbies and Rommel cosplayers, not really advocated by vets/ people with experience. Or people with the retarded commander idea.
And well, surprise we dont need binos in a game where you spawn around 100m away from the control points.



Lots of exciting game mechanics have been realized or improved… but game basics like networking or bots still sux …

btw i spent a lot of time gaming, big part of it was wwii and imho good game must be good compromise between historical accuracy and playability. Some people prefer more arcade, some more simulation but too much accuracy turns game to reenactments.

Gameplay still sux

dont think so, my rating is 5/10 but in my opinion there are too many extreme positives and negatives.

Dear Keofox,

I am really sorry to be that blunt to you, but there is NO way that you (e.g. Darkflow) care about historical accuracy at all…
Historical accuracy and all those other features were was the bait to get ppl to spend ridiculous amounts of money on a game which with all due respect has turned in a "copy "of CoD or any other jump and run game.
So please start to walk your talk and stop adding more and more pointless contend just to suck even more money, or accept that ppl are getting feed up with it.
Tell me, what’s the point of playing Enlisted, if we wanted just another bunny hooping, jump and run game? One could just stick to CoD and so on… What in your opinion is it that makes Enlisted so much better or even remotly justifies spending about 40-50€ on EACH new campain, upto 30 + € on a single Squad/Vehicle ? Honestly, what are you (Darkflow) are thinking?
perhaps you should have a bit of a think about it…

I mean look, you give us a shovel to dig in and all sorts of other stuff. Cool, but what´s the point in a game that has:
very small maps, no free movment. everything has to happen in a predetermined way or area
whole thing is about rushing from point to point
super meta guns and bots
bunny hooping incl. 360 degree kill radius while jumping of the 3 floor :smile:
some gun handling is… well out of this wolrd and miles away from realistic


Team work?
look this, i need a medal haha Saving Tiger

Come on guys, no need to be so combative for such peculiar details. Just take a step back and take a deep breath.

Eventually the devs will just say fuck it and not listen to you guys at all lmao.

Overall tho, ive been enjoying the updates, particularly everything being added for customization. The modding tool has been a great gift as well. People need to be grateful and also realize that at the end of the day, the developers still have creative freedom for their project.

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Sorry guys. I brought you a new issue of a column in which developers make game mechanics better. Including created interesting realistic masks for your armor-piercers.

And that’s it. this is not a “let’s argue about realism” section, and I’m definitely not the smartest of you and I’m no better at history than some of you. I can’t beat each of you in an argument.

I am the KM of a good game. Which brought you interesting changes. And I think that sitting and arguing about such topics is just stupid. So I won’t do it.


Keep your good work.keep communicating with us, and keep the changes coming.

This just happen because we don’t have answers from no one when we make topics about that stuff. I just wish I could see more of your answers besides the days you post news. It’s kinda bad to have so many topics and we only see activity when you post a new topic. Anyway.

As for the changes, I have to test most of them, but in paper the seam the right move to do.

I m still waiting patiently for a engineer on old premium squads with 4 members. And fix the reloads on weapons that reload using a clip, example g41:shoot 1 bullet, reload 10.

Besides that, we would stop complaining in topics like this if we saw more activity from someone (including you) on other topics we make daily.

At any rate, keep the good work, Atleast it’s something worth our time.




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Like… this.
Those topics are the SOLE way to reach the devs… or anyone of Df. This is stupid for both sides but only one side can change the status quo.



You could ask the community if they want a poll on this issue. Do people want more historical accuracy (meaning moving some guns to gold orders, replacing them, some tanks etc), OR keep the game as it is and only focus on adding more guns even tough they are completely unhistorical.

Make a poll, see peoples opinions, and then do something. Its better than doing nothing


I’m pretty sure 90% of the playerbase gives shit to historical accuracy, just play one game and you would realize everyone loves using stuff like Jumbo and AVS36. Yes, ppl like jumbo, they just don’t go on the forum.

What in the fuck, no it does not look correct, it looks fucking dumb, how bout you go and read some actual academic book devs instead of pulling bullshit out of your stupid fucking ass.

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As long as they are not the Germans.

I don’t give a single shit about historical accuracy around what could be possible during the timeframe of the batle.

So yeah.
It’s a game, the more shit they add for the users to play with, the better it is in my eyes.

The game, as casual as it it, still gives me the feel of a real ww2 batle, and no weapon or vehicle from ww2, would change that.


The only thing I care about is the appearance of vehicles that were used in that region.
imagine a T-28 on Normandy

It’s possible (and funny) in custom matches :stuck_out_tongue:

Custom are okay haha
But imagine on real life a Doomturtle on beach.
T-28 Super Heavy 009


Oh wait, THAT t28 :sweat_smile:

Thought you meant the Soviet one…