Making Enlisted a Better Place №14

not really i just want the same shit as the powerful tiger spamming germans with there mg42 fg42 stg but its easy to whine how germany suffers and cry noooooooo my stg isnt powerful enough nooooooo my tiger is being bombed nooooooooooo jumbo op noooooooooo you cant have bar for every one noooooo thats game breaking whil;e we spamm op shit nooooooooooooo its not fair this is what you and the german mains sound like

I am not a german main. I maxed out all campaigns all factions. I speak as a neutral person here. But there is no denying the fact that the axis faction has a lot of issues.


yea so many spamming tigers panther stg fg42 mg 34, 42 planes they didnt have yea so many thing wrong omg what will you do nooooooooo germany suffers so bad please help were skill less

I wont waste my time to debate with you any further, obviously you are salty AF.
If you are complaining about any axis equipment at the current status you lack of skill, no doubt.
The game has a tutorial to learn how to play, I warmly suggest that you use that. :slight_smile:


u said it had issues dont flip it on me cry baby but this is the point thou German equipment is leagues better than allies in every respect

I don’t know about all of this but… I’d drive that dumb looking “triple treat” KV2 :laughing:

Or give me an ISU152 to farm bots in a funnier way in Berlin!!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

just gib 6 inch AFV, heard the ladies love 6 inches :wink:

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I am by preference mainly a sniper, in some locations I deploy an ammo box near my snipe hide. If my team easily see that ammo box and in a hot area it will get depleted of reloads fast. Can the ammo box still give the creator squad same ammo they would normally get, or if ammo box used by other team members add a replacement box to engineer so can build an extra box. There has been situations, were I have gone through all the ammo in box and all the boxes an engineer can build.

Suicide and pick another squad? And btw After Like 5 meters the icon disappear.

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Bots should be able to spawn on rally points. Period.

It’s not a bug, just that T-28 is a multi-torret tank, so different torrets have diferent angles, if i don’t remember bad :u

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Yes, T-28 machine guns can work correctly, but one of T-28E machine guns points in the wrong direction.

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The incorrect pointing one is not machine gun turret with limited rotating angle but the one on the main turret. I think controlling logics of T-28E main turret coaxial machine gun should be the same as T-28, the program code describing the unique “coaxial machine gun of T-28 serious is not fixed on the turret and can move a few degree freely from the turret” has made a mistake which is responsible for this bug. It is likely that programmer made a mistake that confused the horizontal angle difference between the coaxial machine gun and torrent direction to its vertical angle difference.

You may test this problem is only found on T-28E not T-28, and the horizontal angle error is related to the vertical angle of the main gun by a clear relationship as higher the main gun aim, more that machine gun deviate to the right.