Making Enlisted a Better Place №13

Please add the message function in the menu, this is what people have been demanding.
Also, it would be helpful if we have more default quick chat sentences in game, for instance: enemy flanking right/ left & etc.


Please consider shows friendly teammates the location of radio smoke on the minimap.

At present, teammates cannot know the location of radio smoke before it drops. Which makes players can’t communicate and cooperate well with each other.


Only grenades


Another question: is it possible to make the p38g to use the fighter slot to match the squad it uses?

Interesting thought, thx c:

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Would be quite useful if the smoke grenades were in an additional slot of “non-lethal” gadgets (or maybe as an option in the mine slot) so that players would take them more often without making the obvious choice of the more lethal explosive pack/frag grenade.

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great, longlive gaijin

I would love to see smoke rounds given to mortars and tanks too, where appropriate


The pace is so fast i dont really use shovel anymore :confused:


I mean they had the right opportunity right now to implement them…

I m still waiting for an option to change my tank loadout tbh. Something they stated on the first twitch devlog.


Also, can we add a shortcut for throwing Molotov cocktails? Explosives, smokes, and grenades all have key binds, but I always need to manually switch to Molotovs first before throwing them. In the middle of a firefight, this is extremely inconvenient and discourages people from using Molotovs (which are very useful otherwise). Thanks!

Pleased to hear rifle grenade nerf coming today, what about mortar bug, is that a WIP, shell firing to side of barrel?

this is “tomorrow”, The development team deceived you and us,again!

They still have about 7h. It’s quite a lot of time.

fox said next week~ again~

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Meh to smoke , two thumbs up for the increased afk :wink: