Invasion of Normandy missions (completed!)

They do feel off, they don’t sound like real Americans (Atleast none that Ive heard, and I hear alot because I am one), infact, I have no clue what accent that is, and the voicelines sound light, not heavy or raspy.

For me the Germans won only about 40% of the time

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The maps are very good, invasion feels fun and balanced. However it does not feel like an invasion of the beaches, It could be improved by making the first point the hardest to capture so that the beach is actually very hard to take as it was in real life. This would make it feel like a real invasion and the beach would be the hardest to secure after that getting progressively easier to advance.

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I like the campaign in overall, but jumping over cemetery fences is just a pain as soldier is getting stuck on top of it every damn time.

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I found on the map Château du Bosq car Jeep Willys. In my opinion it is cool idea. Maybe it is first step for bigger vehicles for example truck or half-truck.


I think they used the german or voice actor, actually. It sounds east-german, but could just as well be polish or hungarian, something along those lines.

If the defenders know what they are doing with the MG nests everywhere, they can in fact stop the American advance right there and then.

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The thing about the weapons at, it is unfortunate, does it seem correct that the infantry is chasing tanks? That is how the tank gameplay died in heroes and generals

Tanks shouldn’t be (and weren’t) used without infantry support. I think that once we see more pre-made groups of 2 - 4 people, we’ll see it balance out. On Moscow I’ve managed to capture points with tanks because there was always a squad sticking around. They saved me a couple of times, too.

The issue I have is that the Pz. IV feels useless against the M4. Even angled, it’ll shoot right through you. There should also be more of a timer to replace a dead crewman’s position. In the case just now, I killed 3 guys in the turret and still got singleshot two seconds later.

While PZ IV can also pretty much two-shot M4 from the front, it indeed feels a bit underwhelming (but I wouldn´t say useless, what is useless is its turret traverse speed that makes it hard to kill even infantry) in terms of armour in comparison to M4.
Getting rid of penetration markers would probably do the trick. But then devs would have to implement a way how players can test drive tanks before the match (so they would find the weakspots by themselves, which without pen markers can still be tricky on battlefield where you have to act fast)

Getting stuck in a trench with a tank and then leaving the tank will result in soldiers to have chance to spawn under the ground, pretty much unable to get out.

Funny enough you can do that…
In war thunder xD

the germans have stg 44 pls tell me that germnay suffers

Yes, but we cannot expect people to play WT in order to aim properly in Enlisted.

i’m honestly speachless.

it cannot stop to play it.

it’s so, so, sooooooooo good.

maps are incredibly well made, open with alot of cover for defenders and attackers, well structured giving opportunity to every class to shine. to snipers, from anti tanks, and mortars.

guns feels powerfull and well balanced. bots are somewhat, responsive and more deadly than before.

i think i’ll stay here for hours mentioning the positive side of this whole campaign.
and i can’t wait to see more like tigers, new sherman variants, jacksons, stuarts, luchs and many other content. but as right now, it’s very stable and an unique experience. determinated by fast phase of action. and thank god cars are a thing.

the only thing that i didn’t liked, are the uniforms and some divisions role decisions.
don’t get me wrong, most of these are somewhat, accurate but others, aren’t.

and it does look a bit weird.
you can see soldiers without pouches. just like in the moscow campaign. it’s a bit weird. but not that game breaking.

and back to the divisional role decisions, i found very strange a couple of things. to begin with for the axis side;

according to enlisted, the 344th Fusilier Battalion ( 344th infantry divions ) is wearing an SS camouflage.
more precisely a: Erbsenmuster also known as (Pea dot pattern)
which it’s wrong, because the 344th it’s not an SS division.
also, the game says that the 344th saw action for the first time at d-day. which it’s false. because according to many sourches, such as wikipedia, military history, and many others, the 344th saw action in the tunisian campaign.

second division in question is;
the 709th in the game it’s considered an Enginner Battalion. when in reality, it was a regular Infantry division partially made by OST troops ( captured soldier ) and can be somewhat, accepted by the field caps. they were trained for defence, but it wasn’t an enginner battalion.

next, is the 275th, althought it’s correct for the current role, because the 257th had an artillery battalion, but isn’t better swap the 275th as a Enginner Battalion ( because it had one ), and the next division ( the 266th as Artillery battalion? )
the 266th in the game it’s considered a piooner battalion. when in reality, was an artillery division. that used Soviet arillery guns.

i mean, there are many inaccuracies with the in game divisions and stuff like that. they are not game breaking, but i just wanted to point that out.

otherwise, the gameplay, the map looking, and the overhall feelings coming from me towards the product are way more than good. and it’s what makes people happier. a good and solid product. keep up the good work!


Having the biggest issues being inaccuracies and slight balance issues is a sign of a good game

Well, that was a helluva game playing in Normandy. So here’s my thought about it:
(+) The warzone is much more open than Volokolamsk
Fighting throughout the beach was intense
Lots of fun
It was stunning yet beautiful, especially at sunset
No progression which is cool (skill-based)
Well balanced

(-) Meh, can we get a bit larger warzone? I mean LARGER for both
conquest and invasion
Some division & regiment logos are historically inaccurate
Lack of tanks & planes variety
Cannot hear some of the voice lines on the American side, some
feels off
No assault mode
No browning .30 cal for US for mg34 counterparts (because BAR is
considered as assault rifle much like stg/mp43

Germany always loses

I don’t think there were any bombing, strafing runs and dogfights during the invasion, only before and after the invasion started. Correct me if im wrong.

What happened to the grease gun?
I played exactly 1 round of alpha where the ping was too high to do anything, but remember it being in.