Invasion of Normandy missions (completed!)

In this topic, we ask you to kindly share your thoughts about the missions in the new Invasion of Normandy campaign. Tell us what you liked, and what you want to see improved.

D-Day (Invasion)

Le Bre (Conquest)

Château du Bosq (Conquest)

Game modes:

  • Invasion - mode where you need to win a series of strategic points one-by-one.
  • Conquest - mode where you fight for control over a number of strategic points simultaneously.



Managed to play a single round pf conquest on Le Bre, and it’s already a lot more fun than the Battle of Moscow ever was. It might have more to do with the fact that everything is unlocked and ready to go, but I found myself wanting to queue up for another round straight away. I can chalk it up to there being more ‘complete’ towns and the flow of the map feeling a lot more natural. There’s verticality involved, and the pre-existing emplacements and sandbags make for a great scene.

The only thing that needs a good look is the damage output from the American guns. I found myself going down from 2 Garand hits, whereas the Gewehr took 3 shots. Tank combat feels good, although the Sherman can frontally penetrate the Panzer IV with ease. AT gameplay feels a lot more fun with the Panzerfaust & Bazooka respectively. I found myself chasing tanks to get a proper hit on them, rather than shooting and dodging as it was in Moscow.

Planes seem to be fine, didn’t get bothered by either of them. Although there really needs to be a volume slider for aircraft sounds, as it’s really overpowering most of the sounds on the battlefield.

The last bit that I noticed was the AI. I found myself getting shot through a lot of foliage. Moreso than on Moscow. I don’t know if it might be on my end, but it feels different.


Probably the most fun I ever had playing this game. All battles especially the invasion ones are full of chaos and action you never get bored. The only thing I can complain is the fact that German panzers can climb on some side hills and bombard the Americans with HE and rain down MG bullets and unless you have an good bazooka aim is kinda annoying


+++ No progression, making everything skill-based
++ Love the new maps
++ Snipers feel much more usefull with the pre-built defenses
++ Pre-built defenses give players a lot of options
++ Semi-automatic weapons give players the ability to compete against automatic weapons at short-mid range
– Cant adjust sight range on bazooka or panzerfaust
– American voicelines feel off, wrong accent?
– Reload of panzerfaust is wrong
– Snipers could probably maintain a bit more damage over range
– MG34 is better than a M1918 BAR. Consider the M1919 with a 50rd belt instead
– MP43/1 is probably too strong
– M4A2 is better than Pz4J mainly with the faster turret traverse. Consider a Pz4G instead

I really like the new maps. The gun emplacements give the defenders a lot of options, while also providing the attacking team’s sniper troops a lot of targets to support the team, especially on D-Day (Invasion). There’s verticality as well, giving you even more options. The maps require a lot of knowledge to navigate quickly and to make best use of the pre-built defenses. There is a niche for pretty much every squad type as well.

Having everything pre-unlocked and no progression further made up my mind that the current perk/weapon upgrade/etc progression system from B.o.Moscow should be changed. With Normandy, I do not have to worry about getting good score, or the enemy having better weapons than I do. I have to rely on skill to defeat my opponents.

My only negative thoughts about Normandy are either minor nitpicks of what is probably work in progress stuff, like the Panzerfaust / Bazooka, or minor balance issues that could be fixed with simple stat tweaks.

Amazing work, devs! :smiley:


" Pz4G instead "
Maybe the H variant would be more on pair with the M4. Since that was the variant with the better electric turret drive

Most early panzers had the electric turret drive, pretty sure. A 4H might prove to be a bit too powerful with the sideskirts potentially protecting the tank against bazookas.

The balance of invasion mode is a nightmare.
In solo mode, german never lose.

The sideskirts are useful only against kinetic based ammo like the Russian PTRD (that was the main purpose of it) not HEAT based ones like bazooka as far as I’m aware

HEAT explodes on impact and will do just that when hitting the sideskirt. The air gap between it and the main armor reduces the effective penetration of the warhead as air cools down the blast of molten copper which is effectively the penetrator for the HEAT. This is also known as “spaced armor” and is a common protection technique against chemical projectiles even in modern days, as the RPG-7 and the like are chemical projectile weapons as well.

The sideskirt armor itself is 5mm and will grant 5mm protection against any attack, regardless of whether it is chemical or kinetic.

It just happened to be so that that 5mm was juuust enough to protect against PTRD/S weapons and was cheaper than having to add the 5mm to the hull armor itself as that would require modifying the entire vehicle

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Only for solo mode’s impression :
Conquest maps (Château du Bosq) is too large, or too empty.
Poor bots’ aiming makes human players more uncomfortable. They always snips you through heavy bushes without you able to notice them. New maps make this worse.
Need fixed ammo point, too large maps… Or fit 1~2 more sectors & ppl in match.
Invasion, DDay, German never lose* for 4 of my matches played. **Attackers not yet familiar to use flank routes. Too many fixed MGs for a easy defend.

Also german weapons is slightly better than US.
BTW PZ4J’s MG ammo is really that low?

I played 8 matches not a single time german won though!

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He plays solo mode, where most people play Germany and there arent enough players to fill up america’s side.
You probably played squad mode, where the playerbase is large enough to get full matches.

The AI are working a lot better now, but foliage needs to be near completely opaque to them. They are sniping nearly 50-100m shots through bushes and trees which any normal player has no hope of doing unless they cheat.

I sure do love being sniped instantly by AI squads thru 5 layers of bushes. Please fix this. Make Bushes Opaque to AI.


Bots have aimbot - they were sniping me from half a kilometer


yes all those matches were squads

Cant adjust sight range on bazooka or panzerfaust

Page Up/Down?

The Maps are really open compared to the Moscow campaign which lets you use more complex tactics and gives the Sniper some weight.

Most early panzers had the electric turret drive, pretty sure. A 4H might prove to be a bit too powerful with the sideskirts potentially protecting the tank against bazookas…

Yes, But that’s a big “potentially”. The only way a Bazooka wouldn’t pen a Panzer IV ausf. H from the side is when the rocket hits the tank at an extrem angle.