Flak gun ( AA stationary gun ) got nerfed!

The gun depression got nerfed! Engineer mains all around the globe scream in terror!

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Good that was dumb as hell. All people used them for was down hallways anyway


Nice change

I use it for barricade… some genius in normandy blocked the 2 hangar entrance with aa guns and it worked flawlessly


But at the same time turn rate was improved if I remember correctly (I can’t find the post about it, strange).


it was probably NKVD


But keo’s post?
One of forum mods went rouge, or I don’t know what’s hapening.

there is always the possibility of human error, a mod went to NKVD a few comments, and maybe he accidentally deleted the one from keofox as well

I checked and it looks like Keo removed some info from the New Campaign Levels topic.
I have no idea why though.

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he NKVD himself, it’s funny if you think about it :rofl:

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Still supposed to work great on a flat surface, depression is still -5. Fools just can’t built them on top of towers and walls and expect being able to gun anyone below down :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

They’re still hard to hit aircraft with, we need actual sights not the silly circle to aim and the crosshair lags behind

Can’t believe they ruined my precious 2 cm Flakvierling 38 and its -10° depression angle :pensive:

The circle aim is more than enought to hit aircraft within range with 8/10 rounds

Not really because the thing drags and it’s not reliable

That’s because the gun cannot turn instantly like infantry guns do. You can’t turn a tank turret instantly in game either, the same applies.

If we wanted to be realistic humans shouldn’t be able to turn as fast as they do either.