Custom Matches Discussion - Bad points

Ok, now don’t get me wrong, allowing PC players to configure and create maps is brilliant, I have seen some really interesting maps on the portal but…

I see only 2-3 active custom maps, now to drill down into negatives… maybe possible solution for us console players.

Verdun map, wow looked amazing, but gameplay is absolutely ruined by people placing AA at the top of hill at the edge of the map and use that, hardly WWI

Another map, has a desert look, but spawns axis panthers, allied tanks, it’s just one point, I don’t understand the point.

This whole custom games 100player DDay, is what I want to experience, not Verdun AA gun spam, or a map with no real thought in design other than scale… or one of the maps @1942786 mentions in those mod showcases.

I know console won’t get design capability, but perhaps if devs put all maps somewhere (custom games) We can launch them ourselves. Maybe some way to vote, so the least popular dissapear?


Well… I think that very need give to Mappers the ability to force set players squads since there no squad/economy/campaign progression.
Like in events Moon/Modern or like last one.

And also more info in custom matches list.

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