"Battle of Tunisia": campaign discussion

Dear players, we are coming to a major milestone in the history of Enlisted. This update is numbered 0.2.0, meaning that now - Enlisted really becomes something new.

All players will now have access to new mechanics: dynamic trenches, smoke artillery, weapon transfer between campaigns, personal orders in battle, new transport options and an entirely new game mode!

Also, today is the day where we have released full free access to all four campaigns promised when the Enlisted project began years ago. Battle for Moscow, Invasion of Normandy, Battle of Berlin and The Battle of Tunisia are here, and they are only the beginning of our journey through the battles of WWII.

We will continue to add content to every Enlisted campaign, filling the game with new soldiers, weapons, locations, missions and game modes, bringing you new experiences and emotions.

Let’s move on, friends!


The fourth Enlisted campaign is now fully open to all players with no limitations! Unlock new levels and kit out your army - and make sure to stay tuned for new content planned for the future! We promise - there’s a lot more to come.

Players who have reached high levels in previous campaigns will receive an experience bonus in Tunisia:

  • Having level 20 in any campaign — 20% XP bonus.
  • Having level 26 in any campaign — 50% XP bonus.

This bonus will be granted after your first login to the game after the update and will last for a full week.

Oh, and now you can also unlock and upgrade several new motorcycle squads in the campaign!



Is it possible to control the vehicle similarly to a tank or transport vehicles we have so far? (meaning shoot while on the move without need of other player acting a gunner)

And there we go again… Why bundle? What if we could or want to purchase only one squad? That would surely help a lot with populating the campaign instead of mass slaughter of bots for statistics.
It is truly sad that no lesson was learned from the Berlin.

Well, this might again be repeating a mistake done in Berlin.


AMD FSR support? Ohohoho, finally, I’ll be able to get stable framerates on my potato!

Forcing $50 bundles on players, that they don’t want is wrong. I don’t want to buy German pack in Tunisia, I won’t play it. Why are you bundling like that?

Break it up, please. Then I’ll buy a pack.

I have paid probably close to $300 for this game already, you can check my records.

Haven’t you guys got enough money already? This is kinda off, fellas lol Cmon, you know are taking it too far lol


Tunis’ building interior is very detailed. Much better than all previous campaigns. Also real multi level buildings, like this one with 4 floors. Also I believe the Axis side soldiers speaks Italian. Though some mixed with Germans.
PS: If you dont want to buy the premium which the premium squads are really weak… Just go CRSED tunis map, they mostly shared same assets.


Cost aside,is the campaign fun to play? That’s the important part.


Yes. Switch to the passenger gunner view. And you can shoot on the move.

Keofox, any plans to give premium squads more slots like non premium ones? Or we gonna buy another premium squad that’s stuck to 4 players forever?


You will be able to play the campaign completely free of charge when the OBT starts.
Until then, there are rules for participating in the CBT.

The scenery is very good. And buildings are much more complex than before. Buildings are very detailed.
But I bought it mostly for I am writing a wiki for this game. I really not want to spend another 330RMB into this game…


how is the HS 129 B-2 and the Hurricane mk IV even remotely comparable?

in fact, Axis seems to be lacking in the matchup tankwise aswell

Where is the rest of the “big” update? I don’t want to be an ass but you mean we waited 2 month just for a closed beta of Tunisia and 1 new invasion of an already existing conquest map? Where are the new reinforcements for other campaign or at least the Reichstag invasion for Berlin ?


They are noticeably different. Objects, textures and elaboration. Yes, similar assets were used for CRSED, but that was a long time ago. Much has changed since then.

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We are preparing an update for existing campaigns as well. It will be released a little later.


It is understandable and perfectly fine, however, there is still the concern about the actual price. Let players buy the whole bundle if they want it, but it is kind of unfair to demand this without any other options (such as purchasing one squad like Normandy CBT)

How do you update the game on xbox series x? Does not let me update when I start game or go into the manage game settings

What happend to CBT Moscow/ Normandy packs-style? Sigh
Berlin 2.0

I m still concern about the fact that said squads will be forever 4 soldiers. With no option to change weapons or add more soldiers…

I m still wondering if it’s really worth to spend such money or wait another month or two playing a diferent campaign…

Will we ever be able to have more normal soldiers on premium squads? A simple answer will do…


Is the Reichstag invasion in your plans? I know it has nothing about Tunisia but I was waiting this (like many other) since the beginning.
It would be incredible to see this invasion as a infantry map, a bit like the 2 last points of Kroll opera, it would be different. Starting from the last point of Koenigsplatz.

Premium squads are garbage, there is no reason to buy them, you will only lose money.