Battle Notes: targeting

Hail, commanders! This spring day, we’re launching a tutorial video series where we’ll tell you about the basic, but by no means simple, Enlisted mechanics. Our notes are relevant for both newcomers and experienced soldiers (send a link to this video to a newcomer).

Today we’ll tell you about the basics - targeting! Don’t forget to like, subscribe to the channel and write in the comments what you want to learn about next time.






That’s what some where asking. Tutorials

Have them inside the game on some tab,and reward a new player like 1 silver order if they watch them fully once. So people learn the basics.

This is already more than known for us, long time players, but for a newcomer this is important.

But… I was more interested in the progression devlog. Any eta when?


Good. This game needs some tutorials for new players.


Could anyone tell me the bug for aim setting has fixed or not?

I am not risking to set up my control settings again to try to explain how control settings work for new players.
(I had tried it twice. 2020 and 2021. All result in a complete key reset to bring my old aiming controls back)

BTW, nearly all new players I heard complain on Enlisted aiming control and feeling.

That is a pretty thorough explanation. I can’t complain.

players do know how to mark things and what it brings, it’s nothing new in fps industry. they don’t use it because its inconvinient, you gotta improve those mechanics first. make it more suitable for this game bcs right now marking infantry is meaningless.

same goes for rally points, it was best noticable during engi day :slight_smile:

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Good good, now make a video about making rally points and how it benefits the team.


I didn’t know this feature can be used by everyone, thought it was just for personal use in my experience.

Few updates back we had change when marking tanks twice would not delete mark but prolong it.

Except it doesn’t prolong it, unless it was marked by someone else.

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Fix your game


I like this, not enough people spot, but it’s not always because they don’t know how, but because they. Kill the target quickly, or want to keep those kills for themselves.

But any new player guidance is helpful, think this video is progress in right direction, but would this be taking a lot of dev resource away from doing other good stuff?

I mean my ps5 engineers still can’t reload, rotate buildings, how come this get more priority to a gameplay breaking issue like that?


the VA has quite the accent. ( and i love it )

hope we can keep our new mascotte for each video from now on.

GO [Whoever voice actor is] AT IT !

on a more serious note,
can you guys create a playlist on the YT channel for each songs and theme that you guys use?

feel like would benefict those who loves to hear those musics and CCs to provide some " lore friendly " or project friendly content to enhance their videos ( i know, songs won’t make a video good from the bath but it will enhance it ).

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One bug fixed two new appears.


nice tutorial, now you only need to fix few marking bugs.

there are times where marking tank doesnt work when you are in tank and maybe as infantry (i stopped paying attention to numerous small bugs). also removing marker doesnt work correctly so you are more likely to mark something twice really close than to remove marker. i think there was one more bug where it offsets mark when you are in tank (think it always marks from commanders POV, or gunners).


For new and for some regular players.

I have answered countless times the same questions on discords, here or what ever around this game. A easy to point video can solve Alot of questions regarding a “how I do that” or “wow I didn’t know that”

I just feel they aren’t as important on YouTube, but, would be recommended to be inside the game under a tab with a one of, reward, like a silver order or what ever. So everyone will watch it once Atleast, and or, replay if needed.

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Looking forward for engineers constructions hints NOT being a single “all in one” video, but a serie detailing each building and the proper tactics to use it meaningfully.

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I would like a video about quick messaging. I see players using “need enemy coordinates” but I can’t find the chat menu

I would also like to have quick messaging about enemy attacks. Like instead of just marks to have a message pop up: engaging heavy enemy fire and show your location to other players on the map

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Except I thought we already have (playable) one? I dont know if a YT video will be the final solution here.