Battle for Berlin Reinforcements: Level 19-21

We’re continuing to add squads, weapons and vehicles to the new Enlisted campaign! This is a series of three devblogs in which we will introduce you to the new upcoming content of the Battle of Berlin campaign. Everything will become available in the upcoming major update.


Strike aircraft! At this level you will have access to new modifications of the Soviet Il-2 and the German twin-engine Me 410 B-1. Even more powerful and dangerous. Don’t forget to mark enemy soldiers and vehicles on the ground so that these magnificent vehicles can show themselves in all their glory.


Attacker pilots”. There can be 2 attacker pilots in this squad.

Me.410 B-1

A heavy twin-engine fighter-bomber featuring 2x250kg bombs that drop simultaneously and devastating firepower! The aircraft comes equipped with a pair of 20mm MG 151 guns assisted by twin 13-mm MG 131 machine guns and also carries a huge amount of ammunition, allowing for a lot of action over the battlefield before needing to reload. In addition, all weaponry is concentrated in the nose allowing for very precise and powerful bursts.

This modification of the 410 is also very fast and easily has the potential to outrun most enemy aircraft.


Attacker pilots”. There can be 2 attacker pilots in this squad.

Il-2M type 3

The famous “flying tank” is now even stronger. Metal wings have strengthened the overall construction and their new improved shape has increased the vehicle’s speed. Another important modification is the threaded fuel tanks which significantly reduced the likelihood of a fire.

The heavy 37mm NS-37 guns of the previous version have been replaced with lighter 23mm VYa-23 models, which allows for a heavier bomb load presented in the form of 4 powerful suspended 100 kg bombs as well as 4 RBS-132 rockets which can be dropped and launched in pairs.


Firearms at this research level can be used by the “Assaulter” class soldiers. Equip your soldier with new firearms at the “Soldiers” tab by clicking on squad, then a soldier, then a weapon slot.


The predecessor of the well-known PPSh submachine gun, which was in service with the Soviet army at the beginning of World War II. The high rate of fire and the 71-round magazine of this submachine gun open up the most aggressive combat tactics for the shooter. It may not offer the highest damage potential, but this is very much compensated by the incredible fire rate and very low recoil, even in long bursts.

PPD-40 with bayonet is also available with a squad in Premium set “Battle of Berlin”.

Germany | VG 1-5

This semi-automatic rifle was developed in Germany at the end of the war intended primarily for use by the militia. Although the design was simplified, it was created to use a rather powerful 7.9x33 cartridge with high destructive power and velocity. The compatible 30 round magazine from the StG 44 makes this rifle one of the leaders in the number of shots before reloading. A convenient sight can also be ranked among the advantages. A great example of how even simple weapons can be very dangerous.


At this level, engineers are able to build any available structure, including the pillbox! These engineers also come equipped with new firearms.


Engineers. This squad may consist of 6 engineers, or be combined with other specialists.


A very technologically advanced and successful rifle featuring full-auto fire, it was in service mainly with paratrooper units. The high-capacity 20 round magazine allows you to use it functionally as an assault rifle. Recoil can be tricky to control in sustained full-auto fire however, but the FG 42 also offers a semi-auto mode, which can be just as powerful in the right situations.


Engineers. This squad may consist of 6 engineers, or be combined with other specialists.


The first automatic rifle of the Soviet army. It favorably differs from most analogs with a high-capacity 15 round magazine, as well as the ability to switch the firing mode between semi-automatic or full automatic. Although in full-auto mode it is very difficult to manage the heavy recoil, although the ability to hit an enemy with a burst of bullets may save you in difficult situations. Alternatively, when firing in semi-auto mode the AVS-36 is very reliable and accurate, even at long distances.


Nice, finally something that is not reused from previous campaigns. Kinda shame that it comes with 20 level, not earlier.

You mean MG nest here? Or is that a confirmation for a new structure type?

Not “mainly”. It was used only by Paratroopers. Giving it to everyone is just wrong and it’s sad that turning Enlisted into full-auto fest continues. At least leave Moscow as it is please.

Overall - new content. Not great, not terrible. But this sentence from the same article from the official website kida ruins it all for me:
“Just as a reminder, as we are still currently on the second and last stage of the Battle of Berlin campaign CBT, only those participants who own the CBT early access bundes can progress in the campaign and unlock new levels.”
So that means that we all will not get access to Berlin with the start of new BP season? The ammount of posts about unbalance in Berlin clearly shows that it doesn’t have anything in common with proper testing, liek the name “CBT” would suggest. Playerbase is too small and those who decided to pay are stuck with the games full of bots or players unable to do anything (even such important thing as building the rally points or destroying tanks - without progression you get 2 detpacks, that you need to distribute between all squads).


:sneezing_face: Another campaign not for me … I don’t know what will Moscow bring in the future, but even now it’s on brink of full auto festival. Like you can have 3 MG 34 in a Squad :nauseated_face: Rambo Space Marines incoming … and they still need to add 10 more levels

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And why was it in Russian at first?

Finnaly vg1-5

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In total, 1 new plane, a new version of the IL 2, one machine pistol and… and that’s it.

I understand you want to replace t 34 85 with t 34 57,the tutorial already has t 34 57.

Love the VG 1-5, but would the AVS-36 really still be used by this point? It’s a cool gun but I thought it was retired very early on after significant reliability problems and low production numbers. AVT-40 seems more fitting for late war.

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Yes. Guess that’s incorrect translation from russian.

Btw, germans are getting fast and furious me410 (anti-infantry, anti-tank, ANTI-AIR), and soviets… r getting another IL-2. With 100kg bombs which dont kill tanks. And now it won’t kill german bombers because they are much faster.

Can we please get something faster or something with better bomb load? Pe-2 Peshka for example.


1000kg of bombs, wouldn’t that be insanely late Levels? Note this is only 19-21

Can we get to play the new updates soon with the New Levels Devs. Also please release it asap for Free to Play players, Axis is full of bots atm and its not fun grinding Axis after you maxed out on Soviets

Good news! Thank you. But why M1 carbine was given to infantries but VG1-5 is given to assulters? And why Me410 has only 2 * 250kg while Ju87D5 has 3 * 250kg?

Give it 2x250 and it still will be better than IL-2.

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Maxed both sides weeks ago. Maxed almost all squads.
And I need better air units for soviets. IL-2 is crap. It’s worse in bombing than german fighter.


In Normandie you got Ju188A2 at level 19 with 6* 250kg

where the hell is the plane nerf i mean seriously how long do we have to complain about this before you nerf them i like some the additions they add but also couldn’t this just been 1 dev blog on berlin instead of 2 and what about Normandy campaign or battle for Moscow

Soviets already has better infantry, not to mention body armor. and the winrate for Germans is atrociously low atm on Berlin. Anyone who actually plays Berlin on Axis will know how painful it is after grinding to level 10. Any major buffs towards Soviet is only going to make people quit playing Axis on Berlin. If the Devs is going for Asymmetrical balance that is.

Also in regards to German Planes in Moscow and Berlin, they have a massive Siren when you uses one of the planes with more bombs, this gives a massive deadaway when a plane is coming so units can hide inside Buildings for Safety

Tank Wise, the Tanks on Soviets is actually better atm, T-34 is so much superior than the Panzer IV J by default, and the second T-34 is very resistant against TNT Packs, you need to land an extremely skillful shot to take it out in 1 hit, otherwise 3-4 TNT Packs is needed to kill a Tank. Meanwhile all the German Tanks can be killed in 1 TNT Pack. I have no troubles killing Panthers and Panzer IV J can be one shotted with HE on side

I highly suspect the reason why Me410 has only a pair of 250kg instead of 500kg is that they also plan to nerf Ju87 D-5.

I don’t think they will nerf the Germans any time soon, if the Devs actually look at the Winrate for Germans i’m sure its somewhere between 20-30%. Soviets stomps Germans on Berlin insanely hard

Try playing as the Germans you’ll be like suffering through Hell. And almost all matches only 3-4 are real players, rest are bots for Axis. Balance might change when its out for Free To Play that way Devs can get better balancing. But as of now winning as Soviets is so much easier

Agree. Germans in Berlin rely on planes more than any other faction. If Ju87 gets nerfed then Berlin is highly unplayable for germans.