Aircraft Gunners

The long-awaited aircraft gunners will be available on your planes in the upcoming major update to Enlisted. Assaulters, bombers and even some heavy fighters have become more challenging targets to attack at the back.

All vehicles equipped with defensive turrets will have extra crew seats. Soldiers of the same class as required for your aircraft will serve as gunners. Feel free to recruit new soldiers, locate them in any available crew slots, and go to battle!


Your gunners are capable of acting entirely on their own. They keep a close eye on the sky and if they spot other planes they’ll yell it out to you, then fix them in their sights before approaching into recognition range. And if it’s the enemy, they open fire!

Skills will be helpful! Increasing the angle of sight, resistance to overloads and increasing the range of enemy identification help not only your pilot, but add to the performance of the gunners.

Also, iin future updates you will have the opportunity to take the situation into your own hands and, personally control the gunner, repelling an attack of enemy aircraft.

A great role in defending against enemy attacks is also played by the defensive armament itself. Turret cards will also display the turret specifications and ammo, and during battle, you’ll see the turret’s ammo count.


You can enlist a few more soldiers into your squad now and prepare them for future service. Select the most suitable abilities and leave a gunner in reserve so that on the day of the update they will be the first to take to the skies fully armed.


I mean alot of planes can tank entire belts as is and can now shoot back. Should fix the damage models ASAP


Its time to prep the bois <3 ty Keo for the good news

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That’s quite surprising. It’s the first time perks have direct affect on AI (only other I remember is pasive hp regen).
I hope to see more similar ideas in the future.

(I know, this is completely off topic :stuck_out_tongue: )

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What does that mean? That if there is gunner seats on a plane (JU-188 come to mind) I can now take them with me and they earn XP? Probably a misunderstanding.

Cool. Flying brick walls can now shoot back also. Please fix damage models…


do you have any plans to update weapon sound?

Cool… Now, tank hull mgs? Can they have the same love?


yes i see 3 guns only in that thing but it can carry 5 men xD Means 5 kills for the Fighter planes :smiley: oh nvm they prob need loaders to

Any news about the new campaign(Stalingrad)?

yea the damage models need a very big fix 4 rearms to shoot down an IL2 in Moscow using the BF110 but the IL2 can just hit me twice and i go down

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Just improve them for bronze applications. Choose abilities. give weapons.
In order not to do this on the day the update is released, when you want to play. rather than pressing buttons in the menu.

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will the crew also parachute out @1942786?


Will (AI) jump with us if we parachute? Will they open the parachutes too?

If no, shame


Paratroopers intensifies. Well he said prep them with guns so…

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YES. We’re working on it, but I’d like to be clear.

I already answered that in reality the damage model in Enlisted is quite accurate and fair, but due to some imperfection of the current implementation of all the features of aviation, it may seem that your projectiles disappear.

This is not true. The plane gets damaged, it is controlled worse. It may have a wing or tail torn off. The pilot may die. It’s just (important) that the game informs you badly about this. All you have is a hit marker that reacts even to a small 7.7mm bullet. It gives the impression that you filled the enemy with bullets, when in fact he received 5 small holes. We will be improving this mechanic and the damage model itself.




I don’t know why but this is the most amazing thing I have ever see. Simple, but amazing still.

I hope to see this feature on the B5N2.

We will teach them, yes.


If they yell it out like this:

giphy (2)

It will be nice (and funny)