A step closer to PvE battles

So i managed to get bot_ai_spawner to work, and the result is promising:

These bots are dumb though, they don’t move ( even if battle areas or points are present), by default, the only thing they can do is meele attack:

Properties tab look like this:


templateToSpawn is the same as team_unitTemplate in the team_factionname_… entites.

spawnPeriod is the time between 2 spawned bots.

The rest of the settings? They either don’t work/no idea what they do.

They even show up in the killfeed as generic enemy, and not as a “player” :


Although they do appear in the scoreboard:

If you get close to them and get hurt, and then escape, the ai will actually chase you down:


According to Keofox, Gaijin plans to implement the PVE function, so we need to continue to wait


I hope they add a PVE function like world of warship

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I want to make a single-player campaign, like COD :rofl: