ZombieMode is already in the game forever, but suggestion part players still ask dev to "add" it again. Think about what this means

Since ZombieMode is already in the game forever, but suggestion part players still ask dev to “add” it to the game.

How can dev add something alrrady been added in game?

How do you think about what this topic means?


My complaint

a.Most of the players in your friends list won’t be invited to a custom game in progress, even in the full morden conflit or sky trenches. They never play custom mode, it’s like we’re playing a different game. As some naughty argument players have said in the past, he never played custom games. For reasonss about __________

b. Why did my friend and I spend 3 hours playing Zombie mode and fail to complete the Engineer Marathon event mission? Even if it’s just 3x5000 points. Cant even complete battle pass mission.

Okay Zombie mode is fun, but something makes it impossible for me to play it, I have to go to Normandy and use plane missiles to quickly accumulate 20,000 points before I can play Zombie the day after tomorrow. Then I didn’t have time to finish the battle pass

c. Perhaps mods makers could spend their time making richer gameplay, tower defense escapes or playing zombies against humans. I’m sure there are players out there who have already started, but why would I waste my time on this when dev is in such a bind for us? Waste the money I spent on the game, they seem to have nothing directly related the money I was spent on this game.

Maybe some suggestionss related to this





THE most annoying part, no question.


I request the zombie mode to become a permanent gamemode because hopefully this could mean an alternative way to grind silver and battlepass tasks

Also, if Darkflow were to keep it around, they would continue to create maps and content for it, which I believe has a lot of potential. Of course, community mods could do this too, but Darkflow has more powerful over the game than what modding tools give the community


The sense of contradiction in this description is exactly what I want to convey.

So he discouraged some players from playing the games they dev made. Oh, of course not. They may be trying to please the player. Just as the zombie mode was asked to be carried over from CRSED a long time ago, some naughty players had meaningless arguments about it, but now every player I meet likes it, at least interesting, this new feeling may not last, but DF can always do more useful things to make more players happy.

DF did made this game including its custom games. But their players seems split it up, just like custom game or mod maker players don’t play the games they made.

And, as you said, you want to grind events and battle pass. yet it dont. Such a contradiction

Since you don’t, I can expect that even if someone completely create a SAME zombie mode room in a custom room, you won’t play as if you have a Start button to enter with one click

which is still the part of game made by DF. same content, but no auto match no award


yea that why i farm 20k point in day one first so i can play this event since point wont go toward event sadge

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can relate and share the same frustrations.

luckily for me, i kinda have grinded everything so i went into modding.

but modders them selves dont have many incentives to spend lot of time for not much in return.
not even with the less user friendly editor, and many other issues that we, and many others pointed out.

all i know, both helpers and even james are aware of some of these problems:

we can only hope and wait i’m afraid…

… or spam more threads about it.