Zombie mode’s credit system is very difficult to integrate with the other game rules

Not like CRSED soul balance or ancient coins points. The zombie points here are not that universal a tool like spawn cost in mech mode.

This makes the paid loot items used to purchase items difficult to use in other rules of the game.

I had hoped that they would add more compatible tools, but I was disappointed

And yet we cant flexable configure spawn cost

When are they going to stop reinventing little wheels and make some flexable useable universal meta-tools? It’s for themselves, too


I don’t understand why they can’t use the same field to store the number of points players can spend, whether their machine has too much memory or the programmer just loves the logic of implementing these points and spending points over and over again.

There are several score mechanics in the game, and these things could have been related long ago, and now they’re just inexplicable


im sad to find out that reviving people dont offer any score at all

i mean i get that farming might happen but it pve and score is already quite scarce.

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