Yeah, keep hiding it. Not allowing anyone point out your BR matchmaking is a failure!

T-34 D5T in Moscow BR2 match
Yeah keep delete it


If you delete it one more time, I will never report this match to the bug report forum!

It’s for balance, Soviets tier 2 have waaaay too weak things…


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Just as info for everyone, If you want know why one of your post get deleted free to PM a member of the staff for know the reason


I am not saying he is right, I have no idea what he posted before…

But shouldn’t it be your job to let people know why their posts are being deleted? If only to prevent misunderstandings?

I say this with concern because there was a lot of posts deleted on the news pages that were appropriate, well mannered, yet critical of the game’s current state.

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PPS SMGs, T50s, Winchester and P40E: are you sure?


Dude, I got muted 30 days, don’t even try reasoning, there is none


Already being looked at by devs

Communist China level of childiness

Dude you legit got an entire forum calling you out desilusional by claming AVT40 is worse than FG42…


And I hot muted 30 days by proving the Devs doesn’t play their own game, and now the forum is on fire just proves how out of touch they are


If anyone’s getting some bias treatment it’s the Soviets there are plenty of great weapons and a zombie weapon and it’s not the Germans fault that the Soviets cannot grow a spine and fight a fair fight

My man, if german BR5 spammers ever get even remotely even match gear wise, they all alt-f4 5 minutes in

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When it comes down to sweat Lord versus sweat Lord It’s a win for the Soviets because of reasons

Nope, i dont know withaut ask who moderator deleted what, thats the point for user of PM moderator or senior moderator if they feel there is a misunderstandings and they are sure their post was not breaking rule

Also this apply for sfh deleted post, if him is sure his deleted post was not rule breaking he can PM a staff member and ask

Then explain this:

I’ve NO message at all of the topic was deleted.
ALL topics, replies being deleted removed, hidden will trigger an automatic message towards user.
Why that post being removed didnt send any message to me?
Just quietly being removed?
If I wasnt F5 at that time. I would not able to know that it had been removed at all.

You want me ask? I can ask if you want, if you Want PM privately

Yea it like when YouTube demonetized people and proceed to not say what the problem is

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Hmm are you sure? Cause I did try br5 Russian for like 5 game and German win all the time

I am giving you the benefit of the doubt that you are not just deflecting and that maybe the language barrier made you misunderstand my statement/question.

When I said “shouldn’t it be your job” I did not mean YOU, specifically, but you and all the other moderators as a whole. I was not saying you, specifically, were responsible for all the deleted posts. Nor was I asking if you, specifically, know why for every case…Although I am sure you likely know why…

What I was saying is that moderators who are deleting posts should be giving an explanation of why they are deleting them…and those explanations should be public. Especially when the deleted posts are fair and appropriate. It is important they do so because it looks like they are controlling the amount of dissent in the topics by falsely accusing people of misbehavior.