Would Nebelwerfer work?

I mean i guess it would have to be an AT rocket? eh idk i just want to see if it could work in enlisted but i guess it might be too OP. But if it in enlisted i think it would be engineer 3 building that replace the AT gun but like i said idk how effective it is.


It would be more effective against infantry.

Definitely an interesting structure tho. Maybe it could be limited to only some mortar event squad for example.


oh interesting i didnt thought of that. That might make mortar squad a little more unique.

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Yeah, because I think nebel werfer (if implemented) should definitely be limited in some way.


I can only think of it as somewhat plausible if it’s made a building option for engineers in mortar squads, like HMGs for gunner squads.

It’s too big to be realistically carried around on some dude’s back.

As a building, it would also need to be reloaded like AT guns.

Problem #1: would it have an actual point in being there, without being redundant with mortars?

Problem #2: what would the other factions get as a comparable option?


Well, i would make it work similar to AT. Meaning not used to fire like mortar from behind the hill.

I know it doesn’t reflect reality that much, but I believe it would be way more enjoyable.

Plus mortars would still keep their unique playstyle/reason to use them.

That’s why I believe it should be just gimmick to some event mortar squad. (Similar to italian para flamers)
Other faction wouldn’t need counterweight.

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Oh, I see what you mean. Released OP, then nerfed badly one week later and forgotten at BR IV-V, never to be touched again.

Yeah, apparently that works.


No, that’s not what I had in mind xDD

I think it should be just restricted to some event squad. (= meaning limited in numbers).

Btw. Those flamers were bad from day one.

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I love the sound those things make. would be epic to hear the incoming barage (love it in Bigaction mod). And theres is an option for all sides

Nebelwerfer, Land Matress and Stalins organ.

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My main argument against it being a “normal” weapon fitting into a secondary slot is its size and weight. No way that can be considered a man-portable weapon.

As such, I think it cannot exist as an event weapon on its own.

On the other hand, it may as well come packed with a dedicated event squad tailored around it, with the unique ability to build it.

Yeah, it should definitely be structure.

Even OP proposed it. It definitely shouldn’t be equivalent to fliegerfaust for example.

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Indirect fire with rocket launcher is not feasible in this game due to the size of the map.

US: m16 rocket, land mattress.
USSR: towed variant of katyusha.
Japan: experimental 15cm multiple rocket launcher.


I think it’d work better as a radioman call-in. Maps are too small to properly use rocket artillery. Even in a game like War Thunder the Calliope is unable to properly use the rockets on all but the largest maps.

I disagree. Both calliope and panzerwerfer are already present in enlisted and have been doing quite well.
They just aren’t used for indirect fire.

Which I’m glad for. Since my personal opinion is, that throwing turds at someone from behind the hill just doesn’t contribute to a healthy gaming environment.

Which one do you mean the 150mm the 210mm or the 300mm Nebelwerfer?

If you mean the 150mm then probably yes if you only allow direct fire and have some way to stop it being spammed 24/7. But not yet sure if it is still a good idea as even the panzerwerfer can do serious damage with just 150mm.

Any of the larger (210mm or 300mm) would most likely be overkill and basicly kill everything in a 20m or larger radius and most likely cripple/overpreassure even the heaviest of tanks on a hit so they would be extremly hard/annoying to counter as they can wipe out anything while being very spammable as just a buildable.

Give the radio operator a possibility to call for Nebelwerfer aid.
Less accurate as artillery, higher impact zone, bit of longer duration but less focused on one spot.

If you make the potential area of impact too large it would make moving out of the area just not feasable as you would be forced to abandon to much area to the enemy by doing that.
Thous you would be stuck with praying that the huge explosion misses the CP entirely…
But even the smallest Nebel would still be huge so a single impact might just wipe the entire point with little counterplay as some points dont offer any cover at all.

Add long reload time, build time and high build cost.