Would Berlin Air Defense Towers be suitable for a new map?


I remember when I used to play 《Day of Infamy》 there was this map where the Allies attacked the air defense towers from the bottom of the tower. The entire battle took place inside the tower in a very brutal and exciting alleyway battle.
It’s also impressive when you first enter the map, with the searchlights on top of the tower sweeping between the clouds.
It’s a night battle, but essentially takes place inside an air defense tower, with a circuitous route and bullets often coming overhead.
I don’t know if historically the Allies ever stormed these air defense towers, but it should be great as a game map, but perhaps more suited to Lone Wolf mode


I dont know how tanks would work in them. Also imagine the ap mine spam


Like CQB, like the batte of Berlin. It’s logic to see mine spam in this situation

Maybe dev’ can had this new map for Berlin + New engee or New class with anti ap mine perks and special stuff (like the ‘’ poêle à frire ‘’, but I don’t have the good word in English, sorry ) in order to counter it

It would be purely cqb. The current berlin campaign still offers open streets, parks and places were tanks and planes can do something. Air towers would be only playable by infantry. About the ap mines there definitely should be a perk for detecting them

I mean it would probably be better for event since I play MoH airborne and these things are very CQB so grenade and mine spam is definitely gonna happen a lot here

friendly reminder,in actual berlin at the tiergarten area,one of those towers where there,so I wish one day is added there

If they would ever add flakower i think it would get same treatment as reichstag. The buidling would be empty and the fighting would take place around it


Before the merge, it waa event/ mod with assault against flak tower, it was cool

I think the mod was made by Yopsius. I cant find it in his sandbox page anymore

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is this? https://sandbox.enlisted.net/post/e3Vyp5GRkYbJqUsT/

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No not that one. The one im talking about had squads of the walker event and the tower was in normandy if i remember correctly

yea tragically since it have a lot of floor too (i only remember like 5 or 6 of them from MoH airborne tbh)

It also might get reichchancellery treatment with the first floor usable while rest is locked. It also would probably have lots of holes and destroyed walls so tanks can shoot there

yea sound about right to me tbh