Why my premium squad's skill point does match with the discription?

“premium tankers are -2 vitality, 2 weapon handling, 3 mobility” which should be 19 mobility, 14 vitality, 18 weapon handling.
But my Premium M13/40 tankers are 15 mobility, 14 vitality, 22 weapon handling.

Is it max 5* ?

Can you post an image? Is more easy understand

I know there is a known issue regarding prem soldier going from 4 to 5* not being maxed after the merge.
It could be that

if is this the case

@蜗批 Gaijin.net // Issues

You need post the issue here :point_up: in the most detailed way possibile for fix the problem more fast

It reached level 5

can u show a picture of it ?

I can’t upload media item to a post, so i put the link of the photo down below here.

I can’t upload media item to a post, so i put the link of the photo down up there.

Enlisted 2023_12_5 23_30_53

@YuiHibiki this is the OP issue

Then yea it’s known.
@Euthymia07 already know about it.

You mean my premium squad got balanced?

Is an issue, you need wait is fixed, dont worry is a minor thing it dont impact your gameplay

okay, iit wont make me worry about it then. Waiting for a fix.

thanks. just wait for a fix.


I found my MG-13 Drum Suqad has the same bug today. Discription of the skill point is +7 weapon handling, -1 mobility. But one lv5 soldier has -1 mobility and +7 vitality, the other lv5 one has -1 weapon handling and +7 vitality.

Jagdpanther premium squad also has this issue. Discription is +12 weapon handling, +6 mobility, -9 vitality. But it actually +6 weapon handling, +6 mobility, -3 vitality.


Fixed? Fixed the discription? That’s how it got fixed? My permium squad got debuffed?