Why is US in the pacific unplayable?

I mean, what happens is 1: You absolutely destroy the enemy team or 2: Japan gets filled with tryhards and you get absolutely destroyed, but like 90% of the time is the second one, why.


New Jap tank. All the vets are gunning for it and thus the Japs have a lot of good players right now

Believe me… it’s not the Japanese tank that attracts players…




Then what? The double barrel?

New fighter(s) are badass. The new rifle is pretty nice too (with large ammo pouch).

Some people are probably just there for the wins. It’s not a good campaign for grinding the event though!


I’m grinding the new stuff. Plus the 90%+ winrate makes gaining rank levels very fast, must have gotten 50 points in 3d.

Also that makes grinding the squad levels very quick too.

Punishment for your sins! You will now live through the suffering that I experienced for so long!

Germany’s going down that path as well (Tier I-III experience, mostly against the Soviets).

One thing I noticed recently is that the Western Allied player base is roughly equal to the Axis in competency. If it’s on the lower side, I truly feel sorry for the lack of players/counters you have.

So it seems that’s what’s popular, Japan and the Soviet Union.

@Myrm1don answered :smile:

We’re flying!

Well. At least it’s what I do… BOTH new planes are top dog fighters. ONLY plane allies “have” that can go toe to toe with them, is the sold out premium tempest!

I suppose there’s also the new type hei sf rifle that’s good too, for ground forces.


Ah, yeah American planes kinda just suffer because they’re all heavier than literally anything else anyone else fields. Meaning they all dump every mile of speed they have doing a simple 90° turn. Boom and Zoom is literally the ONLY tactic you can do, and that’s hard enough to do in WT. Even more so in Enlisted. Meanwhile all anyone else has to do to kill American planes is just death donuts


Yes I noticed this too. Pointless using planes now as the new Japanese plane out turns us easily and our planes are no good anymore. So right now U.S has inferior infantry weapons, planes and tanks. :


All japanese planes already did “before” the two new planes

Allies do have some options “spitfires and tempest”. They arent Better but they have a fighting chance… But no one flys them because they lack of bombs or sold out premium.


Here is the thing. When a game becomes unplayable, people stop playing, plain and simple. Both my kids were playing and have stopped because of the non competitiveness. Myself, I stopped playing level 5 because it is no longer fun when it is one ass kicking after another, and I mean ASS KICKINGS. Half the time I spawn and within seconds my complete squads are literally vaporized. So, I stopped playing level 5, I only have the US as I had sold all the other squads for coin so I could have 3 complete playable units for level 1-3, 3-5 and level 5. Until the last update ALL my matches were pretty much 50/50 as you win some and lose some with the OCCASIONAL ass kickings. However, the ass kickings used to work both ways, not any more. So, if people are happy playing as the Japanese, I am all for it, but if they are all going to be filled with the Japanese version of Captian America’s then your going to find yourself playing against more and more bots. Where is the fun in that? The makers of the game need to fix this. I mean it is already unrealistic as hell as I continously am being shot kneeling behind tanks, through buildings, behind trees and boulders and even on the other side of a hill. Either there were some super weapons distributed in WW2 that are only in the game, or the game itself has issues. Hell, I cannot kill a guy behind a grass hut wall with a 1919 Browning, but he can sure as hell kill me with a basic rifle kneeling behind a tank. LOL I stopped playing level 5 as it is COMPLETELY unplayable and have been playing level 1-3 as it is somewhat competitive.

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US planes never have been able to turn fight. Gotta learn how to Boom and Zoom to fight anyone. Good luck

well personally im going for that Hei auto gotta get it before everyone leave and then i will probably go for M26

I have the Pershing. It’s pretty darn nice. Bout the only threat I’ve really had to deal with so far was infantry. Don’t think a II has penned me in the front yet. Even then, I could hear them hitting me with a couple different things and failing to hurt anything on me. It’s great. Lol

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yea i need that against the german big cat but for now i will use the Achilles until i get it

I know I’ve said this a lot in other posts, but yeah our (U.S.) equipment is pretty inferior at lower br’s. Playing as an American tank is the worst. German tanks kill you with one shot, and the Japs always bring loads of AT weapons. And our planes are sluggish, and our weapons are mediocre.