Why is the autumn moscow so ugly?

The terrain is uglier and looks less natural compared to the winter moscow map and most of the structures seem to be placed carelessly without second thought. There are floating fences, buildings that are underground, bridges that are too short and trees growing from water. All the other maps are higher quality but autumn moscow seems to be different. Why is that?


What map? I don’t recognize it I think you find some work in progress place

volokolamsk_countryside_autumn. The same map with quarry and voskhod settlement

Maybe because those are unused part of map, so they never care.


If I remember this one is a relic from the past

Tunisia and moscow winter has tons of unused space but they are much higher quality

I think the winter map is older and it is still better quality

Those are test map

But why is test map being used in the normal game?

You don’t have this one in normal game…, I never saw this map before, the only one is the winter one who is completed

But this one is in the base game as well. It houses certain moscow missions like quarry, voskhod settlement and that river map

Dude be on the same global map doesn’t mean Is used in the game for normal gameplay…, that’s section of the global map it recall the alpha test

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Ah! Now i understand. Thanks for telling me