Why doesn’t the Stug III not have a mg?

I mean….




A bit more seriously though, roof MG was used by loader if I remember correctly so I guess that devs don’t have tools / idea how to make it work without major problems (like exposing 1/2 of the crew).

this forum even taught me that later versions of Stugs had a coax MG


Same mechanic as for commander but for example while using gunner position - It would work for stug well. I guess devs haven’t thought of that or are simply lazy.

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Not sure if we have the correct variant in game, but some later models had a remote-controlled mg on the top that can be added without crew exposure

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Gunner and loader are 2 different soldiers. So question is, does engine support such thing.

That were later ones or stug IV …not sure…Hatzer had this kind of mg…speaking of-WHERE’S MA BOI?


God’s sake for simplicity of implementation and using existing gameplay mechaics without creating new crew member to go through. Compromise to implement such mg position

From December 1942, a square machine gun shield for the loader was installed, allowing an MG34 to be factory installed on a StuG for the first time. When stowed this shield folded back, partially overlapping the front half of the loader’s hatch cover. A curved protrusion welded to the backside of the shield pushed the shield forward as the front half of the loader’s hatch cover was opened and guided the hatch cover to naturally engage a latch point on the shield thus, supporting the shield in its deployed position without exposing the loader to hostile forward fire. F/8 models had machine gun shields retro-fitted from early 1943. The loader’s machine gun shield was later replaced by rotating machine gun mount that could be operated by the loader inside the vehicle sighting through a periscope. In April 1944, 27 of them were being field tested on the Eastern front. Favourable reports led to installation of these “remote” machine gun mounts from the summer of 1944.
-Wikipedia StuG 3 page

this lines up and shows that the StuG 3F and G should be able to have MGs on them,manual MG on the ausf F, and a remote MG on the ausf G.I hope the devs add this,the stugs are probably the most vulnerable vehicle to infantry right now,and just the 75 canon won’t be able to stop flankers, mabey a @Helper can tell the devs so the stug doesn’t get blown up by infantry before getting a tank

here is a finnish Stug 3 with an MG on it,and the swastika is not applied in a racist way,it meant good luck and well being,and it was used on lots of stuff before the 30’s,and some nations still didn’t care after hitler used it,like finland


Simple - because the warthunder model doesn’t have one so enlisted won’t have it. Very lazy.