Why does br5 USA take so long to do matchmaking

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Axis teams are in the gutter, MM has been putting bots on our teams because we don’t have the playerbase, which makes things worse, things compound and then barely anyone wants to que germany or japan.

You shouldn’t be getting que times longer than 30secs to 1min though, the MM should just be throwing a bot phone in match for you, I’d recommend requeing after 1 min in que because something awful happened, same thing happens to me in WT sometimes.

12 minutes is just stupid

If you were to cancel it and try again, chances are pretty good you wouldn’t have to wait 12 minutes.
I always do that if I wait around two minutes and it always finds me a game faster.


stop trying to turbo stack and play literally any other faction
BR5 US is literally my favourite lineup in the game and I get to play it once in blue moon
you are not owed matches where you get to turbo stomp severely inexperienced/underequipped teams

Almost any other big game just dumps you on a team and no one asks you if you like the side you ended up or not, it’s “tough shit, you are playing insurgents this time”

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Because there are a lot of people accessing the 10 minute ruin walk simulator as a hobby.
Give up and play on the German side.

You’re not gonna find many matches until they actually fix the matchmaking so Germans are not stuck permanently as defender and the capture speed as well

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I just do sth else

What is turbo stacking??

this seems like bug. sometimes MM queue can break…

When you play overpopulated factions. Longer queues are usually an indication of that. Then you get into a game, press tab and there is no one on the enemy team (or the are noticeably short) and it only starts to “fill up” as the match is about to start.

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i dont think this specific example is overpopulation issue. MM queue after set amount of time just stops searching for human players and fills the game with bots. so i think this is bug.

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It should be expected behavious. Overpopulated factions get unbound queue time

not correct. there is maximum queue time of ~2 minutes after which MM puts you in match with or without human players.

you can check this on
cause there are still matches that are not full of human players.

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Are you seriously comparing CoD or CS:GO to Enlisted in terms of MM?

i know it’s how it’s now, hence the “should”. There is almost no feedback to make people not just play the most overpopulated factions they can get their hands on. 15m queue with “there are no opponents for you to fight, consider switching” would go a long way IMO

Thought more like Red Orchestra 2, Squad, Empires, Battlefield, HLL, etc. Most of the times I’ve played there you just got shoved into a side and no one cared you did not want to play that factions specific weapons. Hell, with RO2 and my crap PC I was lucky to get any role that wasn’t a decrepit bolt action lol. I still played the game anyway :person_shrugging:

Still, I also am a firm believer XP in that case should be transferrable. You get sent to BR2 germany gulag to be stomped on? The XP you earn can still be used to unlock other nations stuff, so you do not feel you are “wasting” progress

and in off peak hours when there are simply not enough players? this would be extremely bad decision cause it would spiral game into death loop where people would not play in off peak hours cause of long waiting times. that would further lead to reducing number of peak hours etc.

there is reason why most game devs force short queue times in the games where there is MM. iirc there was some research that showed that lots of people would just quit game if waiting time is longer than few minutes and most dev companies thus prefer short queue times over “fair” queues.

one would hope the matchmaker can walk and chew gum at the same time, obviously when there is overall player deficit you don’t want to wait for 30 minutes. 10v0 is a wholly different can of worms though.
But I think horrid match quality will kill the game quicker than people being nudged to switch to other factions, especially of they get rewarded/supported for doing so
New players start with “play all”. They invariably seem to get sent to “getting shitstomped” gulag. How many of them end up uninstalling and telling everyone they know to never ever touch the game?

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and if you want to have better MM then they need to incentivize to join any. getting extremely long queue times or forcing players to play factions that they dont want to will just kill the game.

iirc year ago they announced that after merge we will get +50% xp for join any, but they havent implemented this cause DF/gaijin…

Carrots before sticks, but eventually sticks might have to come out.
Guess it would be less punishing if all nations started with some minimal viable lineups…apparently now you start with 2 squads only…one of which is 3 man sniper squad lmao. And it takes a LONG while for one faction to get 3 squads equipped to what I’d consider absolute minimum. Truly a joke