Why do all my squads show the "level up soldier" icon?

Just got back into Soviets to finish off the tree - been playing US and Japanese since the merge - neither of them had this issue - all the squads show the “Level up soldier” icon - the little green box with an arrow in it.

And it is across all nationalities - wasn’t here last week!!

Doesn’t matter what squads I have, doesn’t matter what soldiers I have in them - fully maxed top ranking, or brand new recruits - they all show this.

is there a setting or something I’m missing??


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Correct, this is a new bug since the latest update from last week.


Because it’s bugged. You can thanks the “Make enlisted a better place” for introducing even more bugs.


k - thanks for hte replies

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Isn’t that ironic when they fix this…

…but at the same time introduce all these green icons to all squads in the game, like WTH.

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I mean, they fixed it , by making it a permanent part of the UI for every squad. Same thing applies to the button that shows the available maps… which is completely false most of the time.


Windows were fixed too. As in I just stopped trying to go through small ones at this point