Why did the developers remove the A-20 G-25 in the merge?

I remember having less than 20k xp left before unlocking it, and now I will never be able to. Why did the developers do this?


yeah this plane is clumsy af but still fun, especially the 6 HMGs in the nose. the bomb version is much better, but having both should be easily done by adding this one to the same folder.


And It would be balance because it just the rocket with no bombs so the plane is not just a big p-47


I hope one day they bring this back tbh


I got it.

I must say, it’s more effective than the 4x 500lb one for ground control…


yeah theyre the same plane but with different load most likely they were from different campaing and after merge the devs choice to only keep 1 of them


The m8 is the Tunisia one. I’m a lucky veteran who has it, it’s better than the 4x 500lb in ground control role. Bombs are better for tank busting, but since you DO NOT dive much with a20, you’ll never really bomb accurately, you’ll carpet bomb.

At least the m8 can do 2 passes of 6 rockets each, which gives twice as much pressure on the ground enemy. Quite neat.

I personally like that it’s been removed. Gives veteran players a trophy for completing Tunisia pre merge.

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… We don’t really need special treatment or trophies, thought.

It’s better when everyone has the same possibilities and access to things. At least it doesn’t risk disgusting new players. Like with event paratroopers for example.


Reward for permanent bot farming in Tunisia. I am proud I didn’t obtain that plane.

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Same, I didn’t think that the day would come I would be proud of not having levels in a campaign, but here I am.

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Eheheh, the excuse.

I farmed the campaign using the underdog teams. Like with Berlin…

(In retrospect it might not have been the most sane thing to do)

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I’m pretty sure I did the same. No doubt in Berlin.

Either way, completionists had no choice but to complete all sides of all campaigns.

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Fun fact, there were times where the allies were the underdog in Tunisia. At least on the US server.


I started my journey with Tunisia allies. Got steamrolled everyday. Then, I go to Moscow allies. After a while, I got back to Tunisia allies, and was very surprised.

Good old times


:man_shrugging:I think 12 * M8 is far inferior to 4 * 500lb after nerfing

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I personally didn’t like M8 even before the rocket nerf (not counting Calliope, they were add still are great there)