Why can soviet planes use american pin ups?

weird thing i just discovered

Because is an American plane

Yes, this bug is reoccurring from time to time. I am pretty sure I could buy American pin ups for German plane few weeks back.

It also happens with soviet made planes not just the lend lease ones

Then is a bug report it in the CBT site

I dont think it is that important that they should fix it. There are more important stuff

This is an interesting bug NGL I might have to actually buy some before it got patched

If no one report it is never gonna be fixed

Yep works for germans


Nice I will buy some and put it on my aircraft now

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Why can soviet planes use american pin ups?


they haven’t made pin ups for all factions.

most of them are english.

and carried over for the allies.

“fun fact”, you were able to use pin ups on german vehicles like adamn said back when the customization was first introduced.

you were able to use essentially even airplane decals on tank to do barrel markings.

but then they were taken away because you were able to use said allied pin up on german tanks and airplanes.

I believe this bug is one of the ancient ones.


they haven’t fixed anything that has already been reported anyway months ago lol… this is a broken mess.
That is why I will no longer report anything since devs still haven’t fixed bugs that been in the game for months.