Who are those in the profile picturies?

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General Montgomery, General Zhukov, General Chuikov (not sure about that one), General Patton, and the last two, I am not sure.

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eisenhower for sure is missing


It is not a Chuikov but Rokossovsky.


You mean Rommel and Yamamoto are missing, indeed.


How do they not have Chuikov up there??? :scream:

There so many more german generals as rommel. This game has no of them^^

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i want my hanz garderien, the man was a chad

im still hoping for some Japanese portraits :pray:

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Perhaps: Five Star Emperor - MacArthur? Curtis Emerson LeMay? Paul Tibbets? Charles W. Sweeney?

they had Rommel and Yamamoto portraits and then removed them for no reason

And there is Konstantin Rokossovisky, an undetarred Marshal.

Definitely not underrated. It’s literally one of the best soviet generals of WWII.