Which .BANK file is the bayonet voiceline contained in?

Because i’m gonna make a Sound mod that mutes that ear-shattering screaming during a bayonet charge and I know there is one that is already out there but it doesn’t work

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Hey man
Bigote already made the mod, and it actually works because it was updated recently

Oh well if he updated it then whoops thanks mate


If you dont get the muted sounds probably dont install the mod correctly

Heres a guide to install sound mods correctly

(You cant name mod folder, just name it " mod" like the video)

Just installed the updated version :sweat_smile: Thanks for doing what you do mate (ALSO I recently installed your sound mod IT SOUNDS AMAZING THANK YOU BECAUSE I CAN FIRE MY MG15 WITHOUT GETTING TINNITUS NOW) Thanks mate and have good day/night

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Yeah, I know how to install 'em Thanks though

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