Where is my Breda Mod. 30

So I came back to enlisted after like a week and now I don’t have any of my Bredas. What happened?

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It became invisible lmao.


Yeah but now my machine gunners are not battle ready it says and if i move the Breda to stash it goes poof to not be seen ever and when moved down to the Madsen slot it says “Not available for Machine Gunner class”

I’d suggest restarting and checking files, because this is really strange since i still have mine

Tried both and nah still broken.

Make a detailed report on the CBR and they’ll figure it out: Gaijin.net // Issues

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It says in the top in red for a moment before going away “[E] daRg rebuild: rebuild failed: null comp” can’t take a print screen of it but that’s what it says

Thanks done that now and I hope i get my Bredas back in to working order.

Yes, all mine for the soviets dissapered as well, I bought 10 or so and kept them in storage and they aren’t there, I asked support and said I haven’t purchased any for the soviets, which is wrong

Have you used the buttons that unequip everything from all your troops and squads? It’s entirely possible you ran out of default rifles and now have some random MG troopers holding them somewhere in your reserves or in some of your squads.