When will you fix these problems?

Here are the questions I put together

Skin problems: Purchased skin becomes the default skin, and some clothes and gloves disappear

Weapons problem: Rifle grenades, 717,41R and Soviet Thomson are gone, the number is not right.

Soldier: There is a problem with the number of 3rd tier soldiers purchased

I wonder if anyone else has the same problem

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I think they intentionally make these weapon disapper

I had all this stuff

Think u need to contact support.


I still have my Lend Lease Thompsons and MP-717s- you may need to contact customer support like the above poster mentioned. Best of luck! Sorry you’re dealing with this malarkey.

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Customer service won’t get back to me

I went to them and they didn’t solve my problem and sent me a warning that I was spamming

Well dont spam, quite sure they will contact once they have solved the other 100k players that probably have same issue as you have.