When visiting a previously played game room, do not automatically throw the player into combat

Issue 1

When a room ends one round, it starts a second round. If other players click on this room again they will be automatically thrown into the battle and cannot choose their camp or squad again in a new game.

This is not expected.

If a player reenter the room, players should wait on the room player list page, and they should be allowed to reselect his faction or squads profile for new round of game.

Issue 2

And before the game is over, if the player enters the room again, sometimes he will be automatically assigned to the wrong side, causing him to be stuck in the respawn screen and unable to select a team to play the game.

Issue 3

And after exiting the game, because it automatically jumps to the research and development progress page, the friend list in the lower right corner of the interface cannot be displayed to invite other friends into the game.

This issue has been mentioned in previous posts and will be reiterated here.


I agree with everything. They should also fix the bug where the game shows you on team 1 but during the match you end up in team 2

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