When used against infantry, is 75mm HEAT better or worse than HE?

I’ve noticed that after the update, the Stalingrad Pz.IV G will have an ammo set of APCBC/HEAT/APCR instead of regular APCBC/HE.
I wonder whether it is a buff or a nerf? Idk if HEAT is good, as in War Thunder this tank never needs it.

It’s somewhat of a buff.

Heat works well enough against infantry BUT ALSO against less armoured vehicles.

So in a pinch, if you hesitate between what shell type to load, HEAT is a safe bet as it does everything.

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Is neutral, the cannon and ammunition of the F2/G can take down all soviet tank released until now because they arent different from the J and H (same tank with small modification)

I get it that HEAT could be very useful on a short-barrel Pz.III Ausf.N. But the APCBC from a KwK40 is already good enough to knock out even a KV-1. So if the HEAT does less impact against infantry, I consider it a nerf?

Its +/- the same

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Wait, I thought the H & J had a slightly different gun than the G

ooh thx for the data. I appreciate that. So basically the same central blast, 15% less shrapnels in exchange for the ability to knock out BT-7s? That sounds acceptable to me.

True The L/48 was 334 mm (13.1 inches) longer and slightly more powerful than the L/43, but if you consider the l43 was already able to stand and kill soviet monster like the kv1 the overall difference is small, at least in game with combat distance under 100m

With the l48 having 110mm of pen, just 10mm more compared with the 100mm of pen of the l43 both under 100m and with the pzgr 39

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@gastanofrizzi my friend.

When comparing PP, every millimeters count!

It’s why Dicker max, wins.