When did Darkflow reset workshop upgrades for Breda M30?


The 920th Grenadier Regiment, originally MGer II for Normandy.


The 70th Machine Gun Company, originally MGer I for Tunis.

The situation is, I (everyone I guess?) only got these two squads have access to the workshop upgrades on Breda Mod. 30, but they have reached their full level and cannot obtain new upgrade points.

In this case, as the squad list on the left should have proven, as a veteran, it is impossible for me to not fully upgrade the Breda Mod. 30. Now it looks like that I will not have the chance to do this, though it won’t affect my loadout.

Not everyone, it randomly happened to some people.
Results of Stalingrad shenanigans, same with M21/28 Tommy gun for Western Allies.

Official word is to wait and pray to Keofox, may He bless our wretched souls with His magnanimity and absolve our sins.

Thanks, well at least ZB-26s are better.

May the Lord Keofox show some mercy!