What to do with 2,616K SILVER

i got it , but it keeps on piling up. what’s the point?

Fully equip every squad (including legacy ones) that you own. Mimmax perks for every soldier and so.

You will find out 2,5 mils really aren’t that much pretty soon xD


Setting up 5 squads for BRII Germany cost me about 500k? It wont last long, and only reason I was even able to do this is because pre merge gains were incredible.

Its pretty dumb that a single fully upgraded BRII/III weapon is 10k silver, thats like 5 or 6 games top fragging with premium, f2p new player experience is probably awful. Upgrading your guns doesn’t really matter TOO much when using bolties, but SMGs MGs and semi auto+ rifles gain a considerable amount of effectiveness from being fully upgraded.

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Yeah. I had a fair bit of low stuff worked as I like BA rifles but getting full BR2 squads set up for me cost over 1 million. I haven’t set up BR1, 3 or 4 (except Japan). No point until those BR mean something and I can save up more silver. I don’t want to be below 1 million if I can help it.

Considering you have TEN preset options per faction (so 40), that you can outfit 10 squad per preset…

If you are smart and not one of the idiots who sold their pre war thunder update legacy squads for a measly 10k, you now have maaaany squads to equip…

Axis Germany alone have around 180 by itself (more or less, depending on premiums and event squads).

It costs a lot…

its more like 20k per squad, if not 30k depending, because it opens up those troops to be sent to the rear as well.

There’s definitely some squads you can sell without regretting it later, like extra rifleman squads, i sold my assualter squads because I don’t really care to play them. But ya being able to have more flamethrower/mortar/cas squadrons is nice and not working the 20-30k. I also sold the german fighter squads because well, german fighters are ass in this game since its a fishbowl turnfight paradise.

I see…

A good reason why your opinion shouldn’t be imitated…

Selling priceless legacy squads for a meager 10k (and no it’s not more than 10, 4 or 5 tier 1 men aren’t worth much)…

Is a very bad idea. If only because it’s really not worth it for such a ridiculously small price.

Its hard times right now


It’s why it’s not a good idea to sell for so low…

10k is nothing! it’s not worth selling something that cannot be ever obtained again.

Don’t sell your shares at the first signs of a recession.

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yea if the offer was better i might sale it but then again im a collector so i probably wouldnt anyway

I have, all 40 german teams are fully loaded brv and perks as well. refuse a diferent nation.
It happens with every single new gun set free in the tree , but i already have those. so y get a new team, those are to be removed, what is the point of having 6 fully equipped sniperteams in Germany. oh gully another flamethrowerteam etc. p.s. i want a free choice of map. Tired of only seeing russia.

Okay, then find a different game to play until they’ll add more content.