What to do with 10000 gold now?

Now with the update I got gold back.
I already spent some on the Premium Battle Pass,
some bushes to cover tanks, camouflage for tanks
and another squad slot.

I don’t know what to do with gold worth almost 100€.

What I would maybe (are they fun?) like are these vehicles:

  • StuG III A
  • Dicker Max
  • little Russian rocket launcher
  • Churchill

Other than that I don’t see any use now.
Where is the Jagdpanther?

Everything else I wanted I already obtained in the past.
Guess there will be sales for Christmas soon.

Any suggestions?

If not I will buy all the bushes. Lol.

James stated that they were pulled out as they will return with a camouflage and perhaps some decorations.

( owners will get those newer changes too )

as it goes for your selection:


it depends what type of br you find your self playing the most.

out of these 4, of remotely useful, are the Stug III A & Dicker Max and perhaps, but very situational, the churchill.

so, stug III A helps you to defeat t50s, and generally slighlty armored that you might face while shredding any allied tank for it’s br. whie having somewhat of armor.

dicker max has no armor, but i can pen any tank
does not have a coax.

and lastly, churchill.

churchill is not great for it’s speed, nor it’s reload time.
and most definitely not for it’s gun.

but, you can somewhat clubber clueless japanese and not so much coordinated germans ( if you find them )

and it’s more for larping, but i’d argue still better than the russian rocket launcher from what i gather around the forum.

the choise is yours.

if not, you have cosmetics, decals, and what have you

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Pretty good but no MGs. Plus stug has very small ammo capacity for its fire rate.

Pure trash


Buy slots back now or during sale. Dicker Max will be on sale for 1750 gold so wait. They said that Jagpanther going to come back in future.


Wait for sale and stop spending it on cosmetics