What Small Arms Would You Like See Added?

There are so many prototypes from WWII, and even before WWII, that would make fantastic TT fillers and GO’s. I’ve seen the huge threads that someone else has done over time, but I’d like seeing them all in one place. If nothing more than convenience on top of whatever anyone else wants to pitch in with

British Jungle Carbine

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The De Lisle carbine, along with a new class: commandos.

Isn’t that a GO? Although the Commando soldier class would be interesting…maybe like a stat buffed Rifleman or they have unique perks?

It is or was not sure might be removed but there was 2 variants the one in the game is this

they could AddThis one with foldable stock and pistol grip

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Is it? I don’t actually know :sweat_smile:
But yeah a commando class with special perks, like reduced walking/jumping noise would be cool, and maybe extra melee damage. Also face paint and historically accurate camo

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