What’s new on YouTube: #6

In this new digest, we continue to bring you the most interesting reviews, news, guides and other videos dedicated to our game.

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The merge is coming and recently we posted an announcement about Enlisted’s new currency.

In this regard, MajorMcDonalds made a detailed video about the new currency. He also will give you some advices on how to profit from the merge (like, where you should invest your silver orders and what you should buy now).

So, if you want to become Scrooge McDuck with the release of the new meta, feel free to check out his video and you might learn something new!


If you know how not to blow yourself up with a nade - well, now it’s time to learn some tactics!

In the second part of the grenade guide, ParaDivision will teach you how to choose an optimal grenade combination, how to use Molotovs effectively and which nades are more suitable for certain soldier classes.

Maybe one day, you will become the NadeKing…


Welcome to the second episode of this legendary series - Enlisted Mythbusters!

In this video you’ll find out if you can form a deadly chain with AP-mines, jump from one vehicle to another and also … can you somehow survive the “Kill the soldier” button?

There’s not much left to say about this well-known series, see for yourself! We are looking forward to seeing what new and interesting content our creators have in store for us. And we hope to see many more new and talented content creators in the new Enlisted.


ParaPleb truly loves his explosive spam.


so hold on the merge is actually happening? As in what we have on that failed test server?

That Mcdonald made a video on the new currency is nice and all…

But you guys should really head the feedback of the community. There’s a big concensus that players, simply think everything is absurdly pricy, that income is mediocre, and that retraining a soldiers perk shouldn’t be that ridiculously overpriced.

And I mean CONCENSUS. It’s pretty rare with the community.


Its nice to see devs care about the community and the content creators.
H&G just expected content creators to do their bidding and gave nothing in exchange.

THE paradivision? the same paradivision i fight against in tunisia? dam

you are overreacting.
Tiger tanks in Moscow are unlikely due to soft rule, Mp3008, pps42 and VG2 though might be thing.
You can still play 100% realistic games in customs though.

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Perhaps I’m misunderstanding your post (and if so, my apologies) but I don’t think that I (nor do I believe I should) have any more “impact” on feedback than any other member of the community.

I think everybody agrees that certain stuff was a bit pricey, no matter who you are, but as I have seen so many posts (forum, reddit, various content creator’s video comments, official discord server, etc) talking about it, then I’m sure helpers/devs know about it and will do something about it. Especially, as you say, it’s rare there is complete consensus on it :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re being just completely naive, or it’s simply hypocrisy. Don’t know what’s worse.

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For not do the advocate of the devil but a video made by a CC and condivided by dev it get more attention of a anonymous comment on the forum,reddit…

and it end watched even by people who dont play enlisted or want start play enlisted and become a sort of universal truth for the theme the video talk

So yes a your video in this format have a lot of impact on the game global scale


You misunderstood:
I aimed the comment entirely at the devs, on the economy topic. It wasn’t aimed at you or your content, I just took the opportunity to mention the results of the recent 4 days test, where pretty much everyone agreed that the upcoming changes, notably prices increases and income loss, were excessive.

That you give advice to players regarding currency conversion rates, is a good thing.


No, that was a test to see what needs to be changed. The devs have collected a ton of feedback so it’s very likely that it will be completely changed in the final build.

The BR system and soft rules were not implemented in the test, so it will not be anything like the level of insanity that was in the test.


This is what wee need


this is what we deserve


(We cant add gif anymore :sob: )

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