What music do you like when play the game

Hello you can throw all the things you can think are cool and share to others.

If I noticed you can’t paste youtube or others eastern media

I will start with this : Ode to my family - the Cranberries

who not like that . .tell me how to paste like that ?

I think its a privilege thing? Not sure.

Looks like you just joined. Need more forum activity i think

So my activity is not talk ? Not understand this forum

I have multilpy war thunder activity just check

This is Enlisted forum, war thunder activity don’t count, you need be active here for a couple of day for add link and png/video


The music of gunshots and gameplay

I’ve modded the game. And I changed every starter battle theme for this.

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MoH, older battlefield and older CoD soundtracks.

california dreaming can be very immersive if you are in an APC or unbuttoned in a vehicle

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Back in black…ACDC. :wink: Excellent music if your one of those throw caution to the wind spray and pray guys…Like me. :yum: Pew Pew Pew… :blush:

I play a mix of Irish, English, Scottish, Japanese, French (Quebecois and France), German, Finnish, Spanish, Serbian, and Vietnamese music. I am looking for more songs, so if anyone has suggestions, I will gladly listen.