What map do you think they will add next?

Personally i got a feeling it might be Leningrad since it quite famous isnt it? at least that gonna be my guess, have to wait for maybe 3 or 6 month to see what they gonna do.

It has to be something for soviets as the last 2 maps have been for usa (bulge, new georgia).

If they were smart they would add manchuria so japan can fight soviets but i think we will see something more popular like kursk or bagration

USSR vs Japan has been the most requested so I would put my money on that, but since we are talking about DF, we cant really know since no one asked for Bulge and we still got a Bulge map.


I bet this year we are gonna see the France faction and Dunkirk map

Hello, that’s good, but he didn’t say that he didn’t have any other nations planned for the moment.

I have been wrong about all my previous predictions, it makes sense that they would focus on Japan. My guess would be Manchuria or Iwo Jima.

Soviets and japan desperately need late war maps.
Tiger 2s in stalingrad and pershings in guadalcanals is just cringe

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I think Soviets vs Japs should be priority rn.

Until the games get competitive again, maps really don’t matter that much because it will be mostly bots playing on them. :rofl:

It was never “competitive” lol, but okay.

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:rofl: Maybe. It seemed to be more competitive when I first started playing a couple years ago. But then again, I didn’t know shit so how would I know. :rofl: Although, I do remember starting out on level one everyone I was playing seemed just as bad as I was, and had similar crappy weapons as I did.