What is your favorite class/weapon in Enlisted? (Any nation, Any gun, Idc if pre-merge or not)

Read the title because i’m not typing that again lol, ALSO side thing what are y’all opinions on IAR-8IC

welp for me is assaulter is just the most versatil all around class in the game and for prefer weapon my preferences is in conders/mp717 (early ppsh for germany) i prefer them over stg as for you question about the iar is the stronger low br plane for germany is fast good aa capabilites as 1 x250kg but is made of paper

Too good to be fun.

My favorite class are snipers, especially German snow camo snipers with mkb42.


Favorite weapon would probably be the VG 1-5 / kriegsmodel kar 98 or the type 2 a gun.
Just because of how they looks and sound.

As for the squads, either riders or APC

Engineer/1) Kiraly 2) Thompson .30 cal (at the moment Gorov).

IAR is the best plane in low BR.

I mean, I take the IAR into BR5 against american and soviet planes and it actually stands a chance, I mean I can screw over P-51’s, Dauntless, etc. So yeah, in high tier “Too good to be fun” is mitigated by a lot because y’know Br1 v. Br5. Also, quick question i’m new and where do you get the Gas mask helmet appearance? looks based and I honestly think enlisted soldier model faces are too visible so I think that would help so if you could tell me where to get that that’d be great thanks

I really like the MG stuff but for no reason most the MG guns in br2 is the ut most inaccurate things made by humans like the Madsen, Bren and ZB meant to be fired while on the move

You need to equip Ofenrohr and the soldier gets the mask automatically!

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American engineers equipped with shotguns and rifles (preferably 50:50).

It shouldn’t have been locked behind a paywall pre-merge.

Performance-wise, if you don’t stay high, you won’t survive.

Besides in the tech tree.

Normally I’d say it’s machine guns, especially MG42. But in the game they are nothing special (though last update made them conciderably better).

So I’d go with flamethrowers, especially the 2nd one. They are better than in most other games (they have range longer than a melee weapon) and are quite fun to use. Though they aren’t perfect.

Also honorable mention of bolt action rifles. In all other games I suck really hard with such weapons. But enlisted somehow makes it all work and I’m quite decent with them. I suspect sorcery is involved.

That AT soldier look good ngl

Anyway favorite gun hmm Farquhar it the most unique and I like it

I like the M1918A2 ( I think it’s called), but pretty much any BAR. I’m also a big fan of mortars. I love getting it right and spanking 25 kills in one barrage.

Spicy flame Stuart while a tank is my favorite, nobody expects a dinky light tank to rush them down and start spewing fire. And all my crew are equipped with tnt charges, molotovs, and M50 reising smgs to cause further chaos when the tank is disabled. As for the IAR-81C I think it should be moved to BR3 or have its bombs reduced, it’s simply too good at both fighting and bombing to be in BR2.

Lol for me and my one friend We love being a mortar team, I the spotter because that’s what i’m good at he’s the Mortarman and when it’s a decent/bad map we usually score 25 K when it’s a good map we score around 60-70 but he’s almost never on lol

My favorite is a three way tie: lee enfield lanchester 50, and m2 carbine. My favorite class is a tie between assaulters and engineers. I used to dislike engis, but since ai unlocked the m2 some while ago, engis do really have a lot of fire power.