What I expect to get in 2023! (Enlisted Editor)

This is the list of features i expect to get in 2023 regarding the Enlisted Mods Editor:

  1. More options for the terrain editor:

-A terrain flattener tool

It gets really annoying whenever you create a custom hilly terrain and want to have some sort of pathway along a a small cliff but have to edit it all your own (example down below)

It also helps flattening out hilltops which can be especially useful

-a terrain smother


A tool to smoothen out harsh shaped surfaces like ugly edges and to correct errors in edited terrain

  1. A Terrain Painter!


This would be a huge step for content creators like me
to be able to edit terrain to be whatever we want

for example changing a flat grassland into a muddy ww1 battlefield with a rocky river flowing through it
the possibilities would be endless!

  1. Creating empty spaces

it would also be great to be able to create flat surfaces from scratch in the map selection menu


That combined with the suggested new tools would be another awesome thing for creators.
it allows us to create whatever we want with near to no limitations

  1. Terraform max height changes

It can be a big problem if u want to create large scale maps including high and low locations with the hight limit

(bf109 as size comparison)
as u can see its not very high
it would help a lot if we wouldnt be as restricted as we currently are

  1. Mod upload size limit

the current upload limit is 3072kb / 3.07 Mb
This can be a problem when creating large maps like i do sometimes

for example in my map “mountain warfare” i had to manually create a separate navmesh so it would fit the upload limit

  1. A custom squads function

Currently we can only use event squads or our own squads
But especially if u want to create a fair game map or a map where you can play historical squads only it doesn’t work because we cant create our own squads.

This can also help create totally new factions and opens up thousands of possibilities

Being possible to edit:
-squad size
and more on a squad would be a huge change for all map creators

!!I will not continue creating maps until at least one of the features are added!!


I would be very happy if my sappers shovel can also have the function of leveling the terrain.


Hey, a lot of this and other suggestion was sended to devs. Continue to create cool mods, we have some plans for them too с:


For me, currently just waiting for custom blk loading feature for multiplayer games.

Can’t wait to play with something has made. New things is almost in sight so close.

Thanks to the dev team, now we can even record epic battles.

Me and my player friends just waiting for blk to loading feature, as the highest priority


The game fans even made a video about the mod features I was introduced to them, and they ask me every day when they can play these features in multiplayer games.

I can’t answer and I’m just waiting things may come out as soon as possible

Maybe one of the helper @Euthymia07 in your team can translate this video and players comments for all of you


Lets hope so
Bc the current state of the editor is not looking too good as it currently i

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I liked the topic, this is rebellion.


Considering this is a F2P online game (and Gaijin is the publisher who’s attitude towards monetization is infamous) It is actually not bad at all.
The fact that they allow you to play the game completely offline (through the editor yes.) is already beyond what i had hoped for ever.

I will list additional, “it would be cool to have” features. Some of them are present in War ThunderCDK:

  • Spline creator; Because creating roads with the texture painter is not the way.

  • The devs use some kind of generator to create wires between power poles. It wouldn’t be bad to have that in the editor.

  • Increase max scene size to 10-12mbs along with maximum navmesh size of 40mb. (Most PCs can’t handle bigger scenes anyway.)

  • Use heightmap as terrain; The ability to import heightmaps to create the elevations of the terrain.

  • The water tool used to create rivers on the pacific maps

  • Better documentation of more important features (looking at you pve entites)

  • Setting LOD distances, as well as render distance for assets.

  • Custom paths for AI.

  • Prefabs: Buildings with interior, complete wreckages (Like the Pz 3s and T-26s on Moscow, they consist of 3-4 rendinsts) should be on the rendinst list (or somewhere else like i don’t know on a seperate “Prefabs” tab?

  • Cinematic cameras; Like this one: Enlisted Cinematic Spawn camera - YouTube


Ability to place prefab buildings without having to scrounge up rendinsts and jigsaw puzzle them together

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Adds time-based grind experience gain in modded games; also allows players to complete daily and activity quests in modded games.

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